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Icons are visual symbols that represent an object, action, or concept. They are a common design element used in various media, including user interfaces, websites, advertisements, and print materials. Icons can help communicate information quickly and effectively, as they are easily recognizable and can be understood without the need for text.

Icons are used in design for many reasons: first, they can make it more attractive and engaging by enhancing the visual appeal of the design, Secondly, icons can help create a consistent visual language, particularly in user interface design, where they can be used to represent actions, buttons, or menus. Third, icons can help convey information in a more efficient way than text, particularly for international audiences where language barriers may exist.

You must consider several factors when creating 3D icons, including your intended audience, the context in which they will be used and the design aesthetic of the overall project. Icons must also be recognizable, easy to understand and they should be consistent in terms of size, color and style.

What are 3D Icons

3D icons are graphic representations of objects or concepts that are designed to appear three-dimensional, with depth and volume. These icons are often used in digital interfaces (such as computer software, mobile apps and video games) to provide “visual cues” and enhance the user experience.

Unlike traditional 2D icons, which are flat and lack depth, 3D icons are created using techniques such as shading, highlights and shadows to give regular icons the appearance of volume and depth. This makes them more realistic and visually engaging, this can help users better understand the function and meaning of the icon.

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The study “Neumorphic or flat? Impact of icon depth on user attention and visual search efficiency” found that 3D neumorphic icons are better at attracting attention than 2D icons (2022) as they have greater visual appeal by being closer to reality, which leads to user reception.

3D icons can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and they can be used to represent a wide range of objects and concepts. For example, a 3D icon of a trash can be used to represent the delete function in a software program, while a 3D icon of a shopping cart can be used to represent the shopping cart of an e-commerce website.

When designing 3D icons, it is very important to consider factors such as lighting, materials and perspective to create a realistic and appealing design. Additionally, you must ensure that the icon is easily recognizable and understandable to the users, even if they are not familiar with the object or concept being represented.

Pack of editable 3D icons and illustrations

As we’ve said the user experience is extremely important for designers and it can be helpful to use 3D icons for it. For example, this pack of versatile and trendy 3D style illustrations is a great choice. With over 170 fully editable scenes and hundreds of characters and objects, you can customize each element to fit your specific needs. The scenes are delivered in Blender format, allowing you to change colors, postures, and rearrange objects to create new scenes. Additionally, you’ll receive use-ready PNG exports for drag & drop into your projects with transparent backgrounds. This collection includes 17+ categories, covering a wide range of market niches.

Types of 3D Icons

As we have mentioned already, 3D icons are digital icons that have been designed to have a three-dimensional appearance. They are used in many design projects, including websites, mobile applications and digital and printed compositions. There are several types of 3D icons and each of them has its own unique style and characteristics, here we will mention most of them:

  • Realistic 3D icons: These icons are designed to look just like real-life objects, with many realistic details and a lot of accuracy. They are often used in product design and architectural visualization as they can give a very realistic representation of how the final products will look.
  • Flat 3D icons: These icons have a simplified, flattened 3D appearance. They often feature bold colors and minimalistic design, making them ideal for use in mobile applications and user interfaces.
  • Isometric 3D icons: These icons are most times designed using a special 3D projection technique that allows a 3D object to be displayed on a 2D plane, while keeping the “3D look”. They are often used in infographic design as they can provide a unique yet simple perspective on complex data and information.

A good example of isometric 3D icons is this collection that includes 100 icons in two different view perspectives, front and isometric, featuring essential metaphors for interface interactions, as well as food icons and illustrations. The icons are versatile and can be used in digital compositions, templates for printing, and more. The pack offers three different file formats for the icons with transparent backgrounds in dimensions of 1500x1500px and 3000x3000px, making them print-ready at 300dpi. You can also find unique 3D isometric icons on this bundle in which they are available in a range of categories, including business, technology, food, travel, and more. Each icon is created with high-quality graphics and comes in multiple file formats, including PNG, SVG and AI, allowing for, not only, easy integration into a variety of design software, but also you can build your own 3D icons’ scenes for your project due to its huge variety.

Example of isometric 3D icons
  • Skeuomorphic 3D icons: These icons are designed to look like real-world objects but with a more stylized appearance. They often feature textures and shadows that give similar looks and feels of those real objects, such as buttons, knobs and switches. They were very popular in the early days of digital design but have fallen out of popularity in recent years due to a shift towards simpler and more modern design styles.

In general, the use of 3D icons can enhance the appearance of design projects by introducing depth and dimensionality, thereby increasing their visual attractiveness and engagement for users. Selecting appropriate 3D icons for a specific project can enable designers to create a distinct and efficient design that distinguishes itself from competitors.

But the opposite case can also occur. Identifying the type of icons is crucial. Some time ago, I was browsing a website to buy some shoes. They had interactive 3D icons, but at first glance, it was evident that they were not the appropriate icons because they did not have the same design characteristics as the rest of the page.

Instead of providing users with an interactive process, they ended up distracting from the focus. Their size, color, and structure were not suitable. So, it is important to know what type of 3D icon will be used to ensure that it truly fulfills its visual and practical objective.

What Makes 3D Icons the Best Option

Several studies have shown that the use of 3D icons in designs can lead to better user engagement and understanding. One study published by the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing found that users were more likely to remember and recognize 3D icons than 2D ones. Another study published by the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies found that 3D icons were also more effective at portraying complex information and tasks than 2D icons. And the use of 3D icons can also improve the user experience by providing a more engaging and immersive interface to your product.

3D icons have become increasingly popular in recent years and for a very good reason. The 3D icons have been trending for two consecutive years, from last year to the present, they are still considered one of the trends in icon design (Shakuro, 2022)

They offer a high level of visual depth and realism that flat icons cannot, making them ideal for a wide range of design applications.

One of the main benefits of 3D icons is that they are highly versatile. They can be used in many contexts, from web and mobile app designs to video games and virtual reality environments. In addition, since they are usually rendered in 3D, they can be viewed from multiple angles, making them perfect for interactive applications where users could rotate or zoom in on an icon.

Another advantage of 3D icons is that they offer a level of realism that flat icons cannot match. By using lighting, shading and other techniques, 3D icons can create the illusion of depth and texture, which makes them visually engaging and memorable. This is especially useful in applications where icons need to provide a sense of weight or substance, like in product design or architecture.


In addition, 3D icons can be more easily customized than flat icons. Using 3D models, designers can easily change the shape, size and color of an icon without sacrificing the whole visual fidelity. This makes it easier to create consistent visual designs across multiple platforms and applications.

As we have said, the use of 3D icons in design projects can provide a range of benefits, including increasing user engagement, greater visual interest from users and greater versatility and adaptability to your project. With the high-quality and wide-ranging selection of 3D icons included on this Mega Pack of 3D Icons, designers can take their design projects to the next level and create more immersive and engaging experiences for their users. The icons available on this pack are designed to be visually appealing, highly detailed and versatile. They include many icons categories like business, technology, education, entertainment and many more. This ensures that you will be able to find the perfect icons that match your specific needs.

Uses of 3D Icons

One of the great advantages of 3D icons in design is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of design projects, like branding, user interface design, advertising and much more. With their realistic appearance and ability to add depth and dimension to a design, 3D icons can be used to create a unique and visually appealing look. They can also be customized to fit the specific needs of the design project, you can adjust their color, size or shape to match the overall design. Furthermore, 3D icons can be animated and used in multimedia projects, providing even more opportunities for creative expression. 


3D icons are a popular design element used in branding to create a unique and memorable visual identity for a company or product. By incorporating three-dimensional elements, designers can create a sense of depth and realism that makes the icon stand out from 2D designs.

One of the main advantages of using 3D icons in branding is that they transmit a sense of quality and sophistication to it. A well-designed 3D icon can create a sense of depth and texture that makes the brand appear more tangible and substantial. This can be particularly effective for luxury brands or products that need to communicate a high level of quality.

Another benefit of using 3D icons in branding is that they can help to create a unique visual identity. With the use of 3D modeling software, you can create customized designs that are impossible to achieve with 2D graphics. This can help a brand both stand out from others and make a stronger impression on consumers.

In addition, 3D icons can also be used to create dynamic and engaging brand animations. By using 3D models, designers can also create animated sequences that add a sense of movement and life to the brand’s identity. This can be particularly effective for digital brands that rely on engaging and dynamic content to capture the attention of users.

3D icons pack for branding

For your branding project, this pack of 3D style designs is an excellent choice, especially if you are looking to add high-quality 3D elements to their digital or print projects. With over 400 icons, characters, objects and design elements, this collection provides a wide range of themes and styles to choose from, making it versatile enough to use for landing pages, mobile app screens, branding, banners and even printables. What sets this bundle apart is the consistency of its 3D design style, making it easy to use in multiple contexts while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. Additionally, the package includes both use-ready files that can be dragged and dropped into projects as well as fully editable source 3D models for Blender, allowing for further customization and creative freedom.

Interface Design

3D icons have become a popular tool in interface because they can create a more immersive and interactive user experience. Designers can make the interfaces more visually engaging and easier to understand by adding depth and dimensionality to icons. 3D icons can be used to represent various functions and features within an interface, from navigation buttons to file types and settings. They can also be used to provide information more effectively, for example displaying a progress bar in a 3D format to create a more tangible sense of completion. In addition, 3D icons can be also used to add a sense of realism to virtual environments and interfaces, creating a more lifelike and intuitive experience for users who crave this. 

3D icons pack for interface design

This bundle of editable 3D icons makes it easier for interface designers to incorporate 3D icons into their user interfaces and web designs, improving the overall user experience. The flexibility offered by the bundle, with over 80 unique designs in PSD format for Adobe Photoshop, allows designers to mix and match icons to create their own custom scenes and compositions. This is important in interface design because it allows designers to create customizable icons that match the brand’s identity and stand out from other digital designs. The icons come with three different camera angles and five types of textures, which provides designers with a wide range of options to choose from. This helps designers create icons that match the tone and feel of their design and improve the user experience.

Product Design

Lately, the use of 3D icons has become increasingly popular in product design. By adding a third dimension, you will be able to create icons that are more visually appealing and interactive for your users. 3D icons can also provide the said sense of depth and realism to product designs, making them more engaging and immersive.

In product design, 3D icons can be used in a variety of ways, for example, they can be used to specify the function of a button or control (like a 3D icon of a camera may indicate the camera function on a smartphone). They can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of a product (like a 3D icon of a car on the dashboard of a car’s system).

In addition, 3D icons can be used to create more intuitive interfaces for users. For instance, a 3D icon of a trash can can be used to indicate the delete function in a digital interface, while a 3D icon of a calendar can be used to represent the scheduling function.

This Artify bundle is a fantastic resource for product designers looking to add 3D elements to their web or print projects. With over 1500 3D assets, designers have access to a wide range of icons, characters, and lettering designs to create professional-looking designs. It’s 3D lettering toolkit is also an excellent asset, providing designers with five different alphabet styles and over 260 premade 3D lettering quotes to create unique designs. With everything in the bundle featuring transparent backgrounds and high resolution, designers can easily use them in both digital and print designs.

Another amazing resource and tool you must have if you want to incorporate amazing 3D lettering to your design projects, is this bundle of unique 3D lettering graphics that are available in a range of styles, including bold and modern designs, as well as more intricate and decorative options. Each lettering graphic is created with high-quality graphics and comes in multiple file formats, and it has a library you you can browse to select individual lettering graphics for purchase or subscribe to a membership to gain access to the entire collection.

3D pack of lettering, icons, characters for product design

Game Design

3D icons play an important role in video game design as they help enhance the user experience and create a more immersive environment for the players. In gaming, 3D icons can represent various game elements such as characters, objects and power-ups. They can also be used as navigational tools to help players move through the game.

One of the main advantages of using 3D icons in game design is their ability to transfer information quickly and effectively. For example, a 3D icon of a health pack or a shield power-up can quickly refer to the player the benefits of collecting it.

For example, someone designing games will need to use this type of icons. This depends on the complexity of the game, but most aim for the icons to be as explicit as possible. In a combat game, you’ll need to know when a life has been lost or when it’s necessary to reload, and all these things are communicated by the icons. Now, when they are in 3D, it makes the user experience feel more realistic.

Additionally, 3D icons can help create a cohesive and visually appealing game world. By using consistent design elements (like 3D icons) throughout the game, you can help create a sense of unity and make the game environment feel more immersive.

3D icons pack for game design

This diverse collection of 3D illustrations, which includes human characters, icons, stickers/labels, and holiday designs, provides game designers a wide range of assets to choose from when designing game elements. These assets can help improve the visual quality of the game and enhance the gamers’ experience. Since every design in the pack comes with source 3D models that can be edited using Blender, the designer can create custom assets that match the game’s style and aesthetics.

Social Media

The use of 3D icons has become increasingly popular when designing social media posts. These icons add a unique visual element to the post and can help grab the viewer’s attention. They are particularly useful when creating posts related to technology, gaming, or other industries that involve complex and technical concepts. 3D icons can help illustrate these concepts in a visually engaging way, making them easier for viewers to understand. Additionally, 3D icons can be customized to match the brand’s color scheme or overall aesthetic, helping to reinforce the brand’s identity and increase brand recognition. 

3D icon set trendy designs for social media

This pack of 3D Icons offers a great variety of icons that can be used for a wide range of projects, including digital designs and printables. This is important in social media posts design because it allows designers to create graphics that are tailored to specific platforms and audiences, improving engagement and overall success. It’s ability to customize colors and modify the object’s shadow makes it easy to match the icons to your project’s color palette and style. This is important in social media posts design because it allows designers to create cohesive and on-brand graphics that resonate with their audience. Since the set’s resolution is 2000x2000px files, you will have guaranteed social media graphics of high quality and visually appealing.

Why Is It Better to Use 3D Icons

There are many reasons why designers choose to use 3D icons in their projects. One of the main benefits they bring to any design project is that 3D icons have a more realistic and tactile appearance compared to 2D icons. This can make them more visually engaging and memorable for the user. Additionally, 3D icons can be more versatile and dynamic as they can be rotated and viewed from many angles, giving a more interactive and engaging design effect. Here are some of the main reasons why using 3D icons is better than using other types of icons:

Stand Out From the Crowd

In the world of design, standing out from the crowd is essential to capture the attention of your target audience. One way to achieve this is by incorporating 3D icons into your design projects. 3D icons have a unique ability to create depth and dimensionality, making them visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

By using 3D icons in designs, you can add a sense of realism and texture to otherwise flat and lifeless graphics. This can help create a more immersive and engaging user experience, whether it’s in interface design, product design, or social media posts.

Moreover, 3D icons offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization. Designers can tweak the lighting, angles, and colors to match the branding or aesthetics of the project, making them a versatile tool for any design project.

A More Effective Visual Signpost

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3D icons have become a popular design element because of their effectiveness as a visual signpost. In many cases, they are more effective than traditional 2D icons because they are more eye-catching and easier to identify. With 3D icons, designers can create a sense of depth and dimensionality that makes them stand out from the surrounding content. This is particularly important in digital media, where users are constantly bombarded with information and visual stimuli.

By using 3D icons, designers can help users quickly and easily navigate the content and understand what actions they need to take. Additionally, 3D icons can be more memorable and engaging, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. This makes them an effective tool for branding and marketing, as they can help a company’s message stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to branding, we sometimes think that these types of elements aren’t important for a brand, but they really are, and a lot. One of the advantages of using 3D icons is the memorability they offer due to the visual appeal we’ve already mentioned. In branding, there needs to be a differential, something that can stand out above other products. That’s why we remember some brands while forgetting others. This is evidenced by one of the world’s most famous restaurants having its logo in this type of design.

For example, this 3D illustrations pack is available in a range of categories and each illustration is created with high-quality graphics and comes in multiple file formats. New illustrations added regularly, the library is continually expanding, providing a vast array of options for designers looking to add a visually stunning and engaging touch to their projects. This can be a more effective visual signpost than traditional 2D illustrations because they offer a more engaging and immersive experience for viewers. The three-dimensional aspect of 3D illustrations adds depth and realism to the image, making it more visually striking and attention-grabbing.

How to Find the Perfect 3D Icons for Your Project

Finding the best 3D icon packs for a design project can be a challenging task, but it’s essential to make sure you’re using high-quality icons that fit your project’s needs. Here is a poster with the essential graphic elements, that will help you find the best 3D icons packs:

Created with ByPeople Composer

In addition to these characteristics that 3D icons must have, we also recommend the following tips regarding the quality and format they should have.

  1. Check the quality: It’s crucial to check the quality of the icons before downloading them. Look for icons that are well-designed and have a high level of detail. Icons that are pixelated or blurry will not look good in your design and may detract from your project’s overall quality.
  2. Consider your project’s theme: Look for 3D icon packs that match your project’s theme or style. For example, if you’re designing a website for a healthcare company, you may want to look for icons that relate to the medical industry.
  3. Read reviews: Look for reviews or feedback from other designers who have used the icon packs you’re considering. This can help you get an idea of the quality of the icons and their suitability for your project.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find the best 3D icon packs for your design project, ensuring that your icons are high-quality, well-designed, and match your project’s theme and style.

Recommended 3D Icons and Illustrations

Here we provide you with a list of excellent selected 3D icons and illustrations packs that you can use, made specially by us here at ByPeople:

3D Icons Pack for Figma, Sketch & Blender – Finances, E-Commerce, Crypto & More

This pack of 3D Icons is a collection of more than 40 different 3D icons that are perfect for adding a trendy feeling to your design project. The icons come in multiple formats like PSD, SVG, PNG, and AI, which makes them easy to customize. Each icon was designed with a lot of attention to detail since they have got realistic lighting effects and intricate details that give them a realistic appearance. This pack is extremely versatile since it’s icons belong to different themes. Whether you’re designing a website, app or print material, this pack of 3D icons ensures an extra level of sophistication and visual appeal to your design works.

3D Icons Pack in PNG, OBJ, Figma & Blender Formats

Keeping up with Figma files, this bundle of premium 3D icons also come in 3D Blender & OBJ source formats as well, meaning you can adjust, recolor, and rework however you want to fit your project’s needs! Included in the package come 75 premium 3D icons with a variety of general designs as well as more detailed and specific metaphors, including UI interactions like menus, arrows, refresh buttons, upload/download buttons and link icons as well as avatars, cameras, thumbs up/down, chats and many others. The icons come in 2 camera angles (front and perspective), since they are delivered also in use-ready high quality PNG formats, they have transparent backgrounds which is perfect for web, mobile, print or digital design.

3D Labels and Stickers Pack for Figma and Blender

This 3D icon set has over 100 unique 3D icons that come in high-resolution PNG formats. These icons will add depth and realism to any of your design work. The icons come from multiple categories like technology, business, education and many more. Each icon comes with a transparent background, this makes it easier to integrate them into your designs without having to edit them (like removing the background).

150+ Animated & Still 3D Icons Set, Fully Customizable Colors

This amazing set of 3D icon designs features 115 static + 36 smoothly animated 3D icons, with illustrations tailor-made for several different niches and projects! The static 3D icons are delivered in PNG file format with high resolution and transparent backgrounds, they come in 4 icon sizes ranging from 32px & 64px to 128px and 256px. It includes layered PSD files where you can easily modify the icon’s colors and customize to your liking. The animated icons are delivered in GIF & MOV file formats with high resolution, dimensions 400x400px & 1080x1080px. You’ll also find the entire animation sequence in transparent PNG format with high resolution, dimensions 1080x1080px, which you can use to modify the animation sequence and create your own versions of the icons while maintaining the design style.

3D Illustrations Generator – 100+ 3D Objects in Figma, Blender, PSD & PNG

Moving onto something a little bit different, this neat seat of more than 100 3D icons can be mixed and matched to generate unique and amazing looking 3D illustrations easily. Every asset in this 3D illustration builder is delivered in Figma, Blender and Adobe Photoshop files, as well as transparent PNG files. These files are fully editable and organized in layers, so you can easily customize their colors and glossiness.

3D Cartoon Characters Pack – Over 120 Characters & Objects with Front & Perspective Views

This set of 3D cartoon characters comes with with over 120 assets, including isolated 3D kid & adult characters as well as 3D objects with front & perspective views. The icons are designed with vibrant color palettes and smooth 3D design style that you can combine with each other to create great looking compositions. These icons are delivered in high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds, dimensions 4000x4000px and 2000x4000px for the upright isolated characters.

Cute 3D Animal Illustrations with Source 3D Models

This set contains 50 fully customizable stylish and cute 3D animal characters. It comes with ready-to-use renders of the characters in a variety of different poses. There are 10 different animal characters and each one has 5 different use-ready poses in high resolution PNG format with transparent backgrounds. In the package you will also find a Blender 3D model for each one of the characters so you can customize their facial expressions, poses, colors and every other aspect you want, and it also includes a short tutorial video to show you how to use this pack in Blender, even if you’re completely new to the software.

80+ 3D Icons Pack – 5 Palette Styles & 3 Camera Angles

Another option is this creative bundle of editable 3D icons with more than 80 unique designs for Adobe Photoshop that you can customize to create your own scenes and compositions. Each icon comes in separate PSD files, their dimensions are 3000x3000px which guarantees high resolution for both print or digital media. The icons are also available with 3 different camera angles as well as 5 different textures.

Figma 3D Icons & Cute 3D Character Illustrations Bundle

Continuing with 3D packs you can integrate to your Figma design, this bundle of 3D cute characters and icons illustrations includes 2 sets of 3D style illustration with 60 assets in total, a set of business 3D icons and a set of cute 3D cartoon characters. Every asset is delivered in high resolution, their dimensions are 3000x3000px, and they are fully printable at 300dpi so you can use them on all kinds of design projects in digital, web and printed media, and you can fully customize their colors in Figma.

3D Character Illustrations Pack – 140+ Use-Ready Files & Editable Scenes

And finally, a collection of 3D character illustrations consisting of over 140 concept scenes with various themes that are perfect for digital designs, landing pages, branding, app screens and more. Each scene in this collection is delivered in high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds, the dimensions are 3000x3000px and they are compatible with any image editor of your choice. The scenes are also delivered with files in PSD format and they all have the same 3D illustration style, so they’re all mutually compatible and will come in handy when working on projects where you need to maintain a consistent design style across the board.

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