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CSS Drawings, 50 Great Examples

As Wikipedia says, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (that is, the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including SVG and XUL. But beyond the web design, you can use CSS to create some pretty cool graphics, as the ones we show you below. Find out this pack of 100+ supremely neat animated interface icons designed with maximum compatibility in mind, delivering files in SVG, Illustrator (ai), After Effects (aep), JSON, HTML & XML formats.

1. 3D CSS Puzzle by Stu Nicholls


This puzzle was made completely with CSS, must have taken a lot of time.

2. Homer CSS by Roman Cortes


This guy knew about the hidden potential inside CSS, and use to draw a simple but lovely character of all.

3. Drawing the Line by Stu Nicholls


A simple pencil that draws a horizontal line.

4. The Snowman by Stu Nicholls


A new year greeting can be made in CSS, easy way.

5. The star spangled banner


The beautiful American flag, CSS version.

6. iPod with CSS3


A realistic iPod made with CSS3, pretty cool graphic.

7. CSS social media icons by Nicolas Gallagher


Using pure CSS2.1 and CSS3, this guy achieve to create the main social icons on the web.

8. CSS3 Raindrop by Sean Martell


This raindrop is just awesome. A lot of patience must have been required to make it.

9. Opera Logo with CSS by David de Sandro


This is all CSS, none Illustrator or similar software were used to create this Opera logo.

10. Bahamas Logo using CSS3 by ForestMist


No Paint, no Illustrator, just CSS3. An exact copy of the original Bahamas logo.

11. Pure CSS Icons


Simple, resizable and iconic are some of the words to describe this CSS icons series.

12. Doraemon with CSS3


I love this one, long live to Doraemon.

13. CSS Triangular Parrot by Erez


This is brilliant, I can hear this parrot talking to me.

14. CSS Reddit Alien by Matthew James Taylor


You can create characters like this without using graphic software.

15. Sir culito by soycachanilla.com


This character reminds me of the Pacman enemies, a good CSS3 design.

16. Pure CSS Twitter Fail Whale by Steve Dennis


A beautiful CSS art, check the website to see how it looks on other browsers.

17. Curtis CSS Typeface by David Desandro


Pure CSS3 has been used to create this typeface, pure code work.

18. Pacman CSS by Roman Cortes


Pacman CSS uses no images, just resizable and vectorial CSS make with a lot of code lines, nice one by Ramon.

19. CSS House by Chris Hester


This house was one of the first CSS experiments back in the day. None graphic software used.

20. CSS House 2 by Chris Hester


After House 1, Chris decided to try one more time with CSS, this is the final result of that exploration.

21. CSS Pencils by Chris Hester


This is very nice. Not only the pencils are made with pure CSS but you can also modify its colors.

22. Bush CSS by Roman Cortes


Did you thought Homer Simpson was funny?, well, think again.

23. CSS Landscape by Metalorgy


In this site, you can see how the artist created this beautiful landscape with pure CSS.

24. CSS Flower by Rob Glazebrook


This page shows you a tutorial on how to make a CSS artistic flower.

25. Pure CSS Data Chart by CSS Glob


This data chart made with CSS looks even better than the ones Office provide.

26. SIGT logo by Roman Cortes


I’m not completely sure about the author of this CSS logo, but most people say that is a work by Roman Cortes.

27. A Lego House by CSSplay


Pure CSS can make something like this, the Lego house!!!.

28. The British Flag Version 1 by Stu Nicholls


It seems complicated, but you can find on the link how to create this flag step by step using CSS.

29. Tunisia and other countries flags by Kseso


In this page you can find a few cool flags made with CSS.

30. The British Flag Version 2 by Stu Nicholls


This British flags looks almost the same to the previous, in any case, you can see how the making method has been improved.

31. CSS3 Experiment by insicdesigns


With the arrival of CSS3, create elements like the ones above has became possible without tracing a single brush line.

32. Wacky CSS example by Ro London


You can make this night scene with pure CSS, believe it!.

33.  Random art by Nielsen


This is a simple game of angles, colors and shapes, very nice stained glass.

34. Digital Clock by Mauricio Silva


CSS allows you to create simple but still cool things like this digital clock.

35. CSS Art – Mondriaan- by Mark Schenk


This is an identical replica of the Piet Mondriaan painting.

36. Windows Keyboard Layout by SEO Consultants


The guys from SEO Consultants have brought us this CSS keyboard, although they say that is still a working progress.

37. CSS Lampa by Jan Bien


Very simple shapes, enough to communicate you that you’re seeing a lamp. You can also turn it on and off.

38. Cat Avatar by Stu Nicholls


Well, I’m not sure that this is a cat, but at least is an animal, a CSS one.

39. Snooker Table by Claire Campbell


Using bullets and border, Claire managed to create this pretty cool table, with balls and everything.

40. Desktop Computer by David House


This looks kind of funny, it reminds me of the first computer mi parents brought to my house.

41. Stacked Cubes Q*Bert Style by Jack Ratcliff


A CSS design inspired in the classic Q*Bert game.

42. No Image Aqua Button by Girliemac


With CSS3, you can design beautiful things, such as this glossy button.

43. Basic Tangram Set by Mark Schenk


Imagine the possibilities if you can create the basic tangram figures in CSS.

44. Running Man by Mark Schenk


As we said, having the tangram done, the possibilities grow exponentially.

45. Star of Slants


Basic shapes can be used to create pretty cool graphics.

46. Pixel Warp Pipe CSS Demo by rocco augusto


I’m sure most of you know where this tube comes from.

47. Pixel Mushroom CSS Demo


ok if there was someone who did not know where the tube came from, now he will remember.

48. Cookieface by Roman Cortes


Simple shapes, cool idea, nice CSS by Roman Cortes.

49. CSS3 Zoom!! by Roman Cortes and Stu Nicholls


With CSS3, the use of gradients, shadows and glows is now possible, as Roman and Stu have show us through this logo.

50. Internet Explorer pure CSS logo by Andreas Jacob


Inspired by the guys that made the Opera logo, Andrea decided to create the IE logo. You need Mozilla Firefox 3.6 to see it perfect.

OK, as we have seen throughout this countdown. Its not always the tool the one that’s behind a master piece, but a master hand that is able to create the most beautiful things with the most simple tools. See you in the next countdown.

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