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Aarron Walter

A native from Clarinda, Iowa, USA, Aarron is an evangelist for a more human Internet, sustained in usability. This experienced author is the UX Director at Mailchimp, one of the most famous and used Newsletter clients on the web. He has also written the guide “Designing for Emotion” for A Book Apart.

Walter has developed a concept named findability, which consists of three goals: helping users find content in a website, help them find the topics they are looking for, and, finally, let them rediscover them later. In other words, findability aims to establish a better connection between content publishers and target audiences.

“At the end, regardless of how much your audience broadens, if your content is bad, people are not going to stay.” – Aarron Walter to ABC, Spanish newspaper

In “Designing for Emotion”, he shows how to create a human connection in design practice. He takes advantage of sophisticated concepts from psychology, examples and some common sense to explain these ideas in a clear way.

A Book Apart’s Designing for Emotion, written by Aarron Walter, is an approach to a better connection between content publishers and audience, standing out the human nature behind all the process.

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