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jQuery Mobile Splitview Plugin

This is a plugin for jQuery Mobile that detects your device’s browser width and renders pages accordingly, For example, splitview for desktop and tablets, and standard jQuery Mobile for smartphones. Its features are:

– Auto-detection: automatically decides how to render for the browser you are using.

– Independent panel scrolling (still a lot more to work on here)

– Orientation and resize aware – renders the side panel in a popover fashion when in portrait mode

– Context awareness – can be programmed so that opening a page on the side panel also opens a page on the main panel

– Deep-link (and history) awareness – linking to a specific page in the main panel works, and hitting on the back and forward button on your browser also works (only for the main panel pages)

– Panel specific links – links on the side panel can affect pages in the main panel, or in the side panel itself.

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