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Quick tip: Autosave in Photoshop with Apssistant

psautosave00 How many times you have came across brilliant designers and artists that can easily make great illustrations in Photoshop in a short period?, and how many of those designers often forget to save and lose all their work when the light goes out?, well for all the people who have met this people, we have found a great Photoshop script that will help designers to always remember to save. The script is named Appssistant and it’s a great way to help people to autosave or just remember to do it.

To get the script you need to visit the Adobe homepage and download the compressed file. Then simply run the .exe file and you will see the script panel, let’s see the main features of it:

  1. You can define the keyboard shortcut for the #HUD and Foreground color pickers.
  2. Also you can customize your step forward / backward shortcut, for those who are tired of Shift + Ctrl + Z.
  3. There’s also the chance to set a beta tray to launch Adobe Photoshop CS5 by double clicking.
  4. The script can be updated anytime, just check for the actualizations and download them.
  5. And finally the most relevant component of the script, the autosave.

Using the autosave

Autosave works by displaying a popup alert that reminds the user to save the changes and has a direct save link so the designer cannot just close the alert and continue to work. You can set the interval of the popup alerts to fit your preferences.


We highly recommend you to download this script if you are definitely to lazy to be saving all the time, let us know what you think about this tip and share it with all your designers and friends.

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