Cartoon Avatars Creator Pack: 1800 Vector Elements, Endless Combinations!

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Cute Avatars With Endless Possibilities

A huge collection with over 1800 unique vector elements for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that you can combine to compose beautiful cartoon avatars and characters! With this massive collection you’ll be able to create customized vector cartoons from scratch through drag & drop simplicity – make female and male characters with their own unique personalities, from all ethnicities, with this diverse collection of elements, perfect for designers working on branding, company avatars, animations, printable & digital banners and more

You’ll get access to a massive variety of elements including outfits, cosmetics & articles, hairstyles, facial and body accessories, facial components like expressions, eye shapes, eyebrows, mouths, noses, body components in different postures like arms and legs, different effects like blushes and freckles, eyeshadows, different shoes and eyewear, belts, backpacks, pants, skirts, beards & everything else in between! Near endless combinations that you can mix & match in different postures with the ability to give them their own unique facial expressions and personalities!

With this cartoon avatar creator pack you’ll be able to make personalized avatars for everyone in your circle, your team, or your customers, use them in digital compositions for social media, blogs or website graphics, or use them in print designs for invitations, posters, flyers, business cards, t-shirt designs & more

With this exclusive package you can get access to this massive collection today with over 50% discount – regularly this package would be priced $49, but today you can get it for just $19!

Check Out A Full Listing Of Contents!

  • 1800 Total Elements.
  • Fully Editable Vector Ai & PSD Files.
  • All Elements Arranged and Divided By Gender.
  • 60 Hair Styles.
  • 60 Facial Hair Items.
  • 60 Heads.
  • 330 Legs.
  • 210 Arms.
  • 435 Bodies.
  • 300 Facial Expressions.
  • 56 Eyebrows.
  • 50 Noses.
  • 30 Facial Marks.
  • 50 Glasses & Other Objects.
  • 40 Default, Ready To Use Characters.
  • 25 Bonus Characters From Famous Tv Shows, Movies, and General Pop Culture.
  • Thousands Of Poses, Expressions, And Combinations. Endless Possibilities!

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