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Why Ours is the best WordPress Theme Builder

Since the beginning of last year, the WordPress Theme Generator has been moving around, and you may have heard something about it; this is one of our best projects, and it seems that a lot of people is trying it out now and most of them are having excellent results and satisfaction with the tool. If at this point you are wondering what is so good about the WordPress Theme Generator, we are going to tell you a little bit more about it; in this post we are going to compare the WordPress theme Generator with other four similar applications; leaving partiality aside in the best way we can, despite the description of our tool is significantly bigger for obvious reasons. Take a look at this post and find out what advantages this tool has to offer.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress Theme Generator is an intuitive and pretty easy to use tool. The first advantage this tool has is that its homepage is a demo that anyone can test without having to sign up; there are dozens of default themes with several styles to modify, which makes easier for a visitor to create a great theme by improving a pre-designed theme rather than making one from scratch; the home page behaves as a playground, interface is user friendly and within the personalize menu in the right hand side are all the options we can use to modify our themes; you won’t need to have any coding skills to create your own theme.

In example it’s possible to change the layout structure by selecting one of the layout styles available, we remark that whichever layout you select will look awesome thanks to their great designs. The sections are designed to look the best way. The width selected is almost a standard to ensure the theme will look good with any screen size, although the themes you create with this tool count with a special feature: They are fully responsive! and will look good on any device. Responsiveness is a must these days; WordPress Theme Generator is in the vanguard and frees you from the burden of thinking how to make your site available for all devices.

Dashboard Functionality

Your theme is not unchangeable once put into WordPress. Edited themes downloaded and installed in WordPress have customization options that are added to the admin bar in your dashboard ( the theme generator control panel). Using these options it’s easy to change the slider style, animation and frame. It is also possible to select the layout sections we want to show or hide, we can create awesome photo galleries too in just a few clicks and a wide number of other things we can do from this panel in order to enhance the theme’s look.

So well, What do you think? WordPress Generator is a very effective tool that improves your workflow because as we said, there isn’t need of coding skills

  • Download themes in both WordPress format  and HTML/CSS.
  • Powerful framework within your WP installation.
  • Beautiful slider easy to update and style.
  • Access to public themes gallery.
  • There’s not need to have HTML/CSS knowledge.
  • Change the themes elements the way you want because they always will look great.
  • Given that the edit process is pretty simple anybody can use it.
  • Changes are applied real time
  • themes are responsive
  • Themes are bootstrap ready
  • Can’t change sections size.
  • Required Premium subscription to have all the features.

WP Theme generator  by Yvo Schaap

Yvo Schaap WP Theme generator is a simple generator in which the downloaded themes are WordPress ready. There is a left side menu from which the modifications can be done. It’s possible to change some sections sizes, and also to change fonts color and size manually. At the moment of getting to the page you are presented with a default theme you can start to modify.

  • Change Sections sizes yourself.
  • Handy right menu from which users can modify a lot of the themes aspects.
  • Several background patterns to use.
  • Pretty simple to use.
  • real time changes
  • There is lack of graphic effects such as lights or shadows
  • few personalization options to create a good looking theme
  • themes are not responsive
  • Lack of other functionalities like the slider or social Icons.

Chameleon themes

Chameleon themes is another good theme generator that allows to create good looking themes without needing to know how to code. With a simple admin panel you will be able to change colors, fonts, margins, padding, background, to save an unlimited number of your design-platforms within one theme, to upload the design, organize content, and even more.

  • Good looking preset themes.
  • cross browser compatibility
  • Option to modify a lot of the theme aspects.
  • Plugins available for it.
  • Shadows available.
  • Good looking interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shortcodes available.
  • Main Page does not have a demo available and asks customers to sign up which may be discouraging.
  • Although they are now working on it, there is no responsive design which as we already said is a must. and makes a great disadvantage.

WordPress Theme Gen

WordPress theme Gen is a desktop application to create WordPress themes. Its downloaded from its home page, once installed, starts automatically and shows a basic template than can be edited with the options presented at the top side of the window. Changes are applied in real time and in general the use of the tool is very easy and convenient,  but the themes created are simple enough to be unattractive.

  • control over text alignment.
  • Great color scheme preset.
  • a wide number of available fonts.
  • Edit each section properties easily.
  • Fast installation.
  • control over the color of  most of theme elements.
  • A desktop application might suppose a con since it consumes disk space.
  • no control over the layout
  • Lack of built-in features such as sliders, buttons,


Lubith is a simple and easy to use theme creator. It is very simple to re-size layout sections using the mouse, you can freely drag sections through the body. Not only Lubith have handy options but it also has a good looking interface. One little issue that this tool has is that is that the themes you make usually look very simple; in the case you want a more modern and complex theme, you may prefer to use other tool. However Lubith can be very useful for creating small and minimalistic site designs.

  • Resize sections yourself.
  • Handy menu for modifying the themes.
  • Download themes  ready for WordPress.
  • Draggable sections.
  • Create themes in no time.
  • Just using the free version a lot of modifications can be done.
  • Preview of the edited themes.
  • The main page does not have a demo enabled, which may discourage a lot of customers.
  • It’s necessary to get a premium subscription to have access to all the features.
  • You can add an extra sidebar however it’s difficult to place it properly within the layout.
  • It’s easy to lose the theme integrity since you can modify all the sections measures yourself.

To conclude

We have checked five of the most known theme generators; tools that depending on their complexity can be used in small or big projects. Some of them have cutting edge functionality, others simply don’t, however, any of these can get the job done. Given this, the choice of  your future projects tool is up to you.

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