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Candy UI: Colorful User Interface

Here we have a beautiful User Interface with several components in it. Among this elements we can see:

– Login widget with fields, labels, icons, buttons, sign up and forgot password labels.
– Video player with play button, volume, time played and left, HD and full-screen buttons, among others.
– Sliders with a fresh flat style.
– A widget for a social interactions like notifications, status updates and more.
– A widget for weather with a beautiful background (for a sunny day). It includes clouds, the sun, icons for the day of the week, and icons for the temperature.
– A profile widget with thumbnail, bio description, social icons and buttons for friends, notifications, statistics, achievements and settings.
– Graph widget.
– Menu and stats.
– Piechart.
– BG.

This UI was created by Dominique Torfs and uploaded to Dribbble.

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