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CSS3 features and properties, complete guide

There are no doubts around the fact that CSS3 is one of the biggest sensations of the paste couple of years in the web design community with its great features and powerful set of elements. Now that all the major browsers are releasing their latest versions with full CSS3 compatibility, it’s time for web designers to really start taking advantage of this remarkable tool.

While browsing across the internet, we stumbled upon a great website by Christian Krammer named CSS3 Files. The site features an extended CSS3 guide for designers and developers and is also an awesome example of CSS3 itself. The site is absolutely up to date, as it’s already speaking about Firefox 4, which was released today.


In this website you will find a thorough documentation about the main CSS3 properties, in a big effort to explain of its main features in terms of functionality, compatibility and more. The website itself is a really nice showcase to check the principal CSS3 properties, you can realize that by staring at the source code.


The site has planted the main objective of encourage web developers to start making CSS3 a normal part of their lives because now all major browsers (except for the old IE fans) offer complete support for this language. So the invitation is for you to start using CSS3 because you and your clients will appreciate it.


To conclude, every CSS3 property has a complete analysis that covers all the major aspects that any developer needs to know about, making this guide a must-bookmark website to always keep in your pocket.

  • Read about background, borders, color, fonts (@font-face), gradients, shadows, transform and transition properties.
  • Each property contains a complete documentation that includes compatibility, general description, examples, further reading and comments.
  • By exploring every property you will find all its subcategories e.g. Border image, border radius.

Original Link: CSS3 Files

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