Digital Marketing Training Bundle: 39 Courses, Over 360 Lectures. Completion Certificates For Each Course.

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Your Personal Marketing Strategy School

This bundle delivers 39 comprehensive digital marketing courses for beginners and advanced users alike, taught by seasoned professionals & published authors with years of experience in diverse fields, all condensed into condensed into 360+ lectures on topics like Gamification Strategy, Social Media Strategy & Management, Email Marketing, Web Usability and User Experience, SEO, AdWords & Analytics, and much more! This collection will prove a valuable asset no matter your level of knowledge in the field, and you can get access to all of this wealth of knowledge for just $19, over 93% discount!


Bundle Features

  • 39 In-Depth Courses On Different Online Marketing Disciplines and Concepts
  • Over 360 Lectures
  • For All Levels Of Knowledge, From Absolute Beginners To Professionals
  • Completion Certificate for Each Course
  • Full Listing Below

Courses Included:

  • Web Copywriting
  • A collection of lectures on creating effective web copy from scratch.

  • Web Analytics
  • Use web analytics to encourage more visitors to flow through your web pages & convert them into sales

  • Email Marketing
  • Discover how to form your strategies, set realistic targets & design engaging email content

  • Social Media Channels
  • Handle your social media channels like a pro and generate revenue by implementing effective strategies

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn how to get your website to rank better on search engine results

  • Web Usability & User Experience (UX)
  • Learn to understand what customers want to find on your web pages and how to grab their attention as soon as they log on to your pages.

  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • An introduction to Google Adwords, one of the most powerful tools available on the Internet to create PPC. See how it works and how, if used correctly, can dramatically change and increase your company revenue.

  • Content Marketing
  • Customers are bombarded daily with material they find most of the time irrelevant. Differently from what happened in the past, they can now act actively on the web and decide what to do with the information they receive. See how important is now to understand your Customers’ Journey not to lose track of those users that may become customers. See also how to map the Customers’ Journey can be used as a guide to suggest what content to create. Get people to talk about your products and services on your web pages.

  • Campaign Planning
  • Learn to understand your audience before launching your product. See the four stages of buying and decide for which you will apply your Campaign Planning. See also what Media Weight is and how to be present on different channels.

  • Digital Research
  • See what customers do when they are online and learn where to focus your attention when promoting your products. See also how analytics can help to understand how people look at websites to develop your selling strategy.

  • Social Media Strategy in 2018
  • In this series you will see how to put together a Social Media Strategy and how you can apply it to your business and make it real.

  • Email Marketing 2
  • A more advanced course on Email Marketing with lectures on Improving Open Rates, Relevance, Timing, and much more

  • Market-led Strategic Change
  • Lectures on Developing a value based marketing strategy, Customer Value Imperatives, and Managing Strategic Transformation

  • Strategic Customer Management
  • A series of lectures on topics like Involvement Strategy, Integration of Customer-Facing Activities, Internal Marketing, and Infrastructure for Strategy Implementation

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Comprehensive lectures on proven social media strategies as well as the Dos and don’ts of managing your social media channels

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • complete course on understanding the principles of affiliate marketing, the benefits it can report, and setting up your affiliate programmes

  • Principles of Brand Management
  • In-depth lectures on Brand Management and how to design a memorable experience for customers

  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Comparing to brand management principles, strategic brand management brings a wider and more complex pan company perspective. Many companies now use this strategic perspective to build their brands and the presentations which follow will present a strategic brand management model, its detailed components and how brands have evolved due of this approach. The model is referred to as from brand vision to brand evaluation, it has been based on years of research, was tested on different organizations and it is used in both consumer and BTB markets

  • Social Media for Business – Part 1 & Part 2
  • Tow part course with detailed lectures on advanced social media marketing concepts, benchmarking, engagement, and managing successful accounts for businesses

  • Key Account Management
  • Lectures on defining and handling business relationships with customers who play key roles in the growth of a company

  • Market Segmentation
  • Market segmentation is a fundamental concept in marketing that influences the whole marketing process, and successful segmentation comes from a detailed understanding of the market. Get on the right mind set with this collection of lectures

  • Marketing Planning
  • The objectives of this marketing planning course cover the challenges that world class companies deal with, their need for marketing planning and the starting point of implementing the marketing strategy.

  • Marketing Accountability
  • In capital markets success is measured in terms of shareholder value added taking into account the risks associated with your strategies, the capital involved and time representing money. These and more concepts will be thoroughly discussed in this course.

  • Marketing in the Board Room
  • The objective of Marketing in board room session is to restore the image of the marketing department in the board room and to prove that marketing strategies are either creating or destroying shareholder value. Important related topics such as correct segmentation, powerful differentiation and value propositions will be also discussed.

  • Gamification of Strategy
  • Learn How Games Are Improving Strategic Marketing Skills.

  • Marketing Plans Implementation – Part 1 & Part 2
  • A complete 2 part course on successfully implementing marketing plans

  • Marketing Research
  • Learn the steps and process to follow in order to gather the information necessary for developing great marketing campaigns

  • The Marketing Communications Mix
  • This chapter will cover topics such as the scope and role of marketing communications and will finish with the tasks of marketing communications. These elements represent the marketing communications mix.

  • The Marketing Communications and Relationship
  • This chapter goes into the principles of relational exchange, the main forms of communication and the marketing communication relationship dynamic. We will also learn how we can adapt the marketing communications mix to the general needs of the audience and how we can further develop relationships that we value with respect to consumer markets and B2B markets.

  • Exploring Corporate Communications
  • The corporate communication chapter will cover three main topics such as the corporate reputation framework, the principles of corporate identity and branding and concepts and issues in corporate communication. More information will be provided regarding what corporate reputation is, why it is important and how can it help sustain a better relationship with stakeholders.

  • Project Management in Marketing
  • This course will help you learn everything from basic definitions to more advanced areas such as progress monitoring, post-project evaluation, and Project Management Methodologies

  • Advanced Market Segmentation
  • This material on market segmentation will explain us why segmentation matters and what are the best strategies to do it accurately.

  • From Products to Services
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • This is a course about the science of persuasion which will help you learn how your customers think and behave, and use the information to increase your sales and conversions

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