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Evolution vector set, awesome characters for free

Hi friends, today in Webdesignshock we want to offer you a stunning freebie for all our followers, a nice set of original evolution characters with original source files included, so you can easily edit and also utilize them in your own designs.

This set is brought to you thanks to our design team who actually created these characters for one of the latest articles in Tutorialshock, which of course we invite you to read to find out some awesome poster design tutorials. As we told you before, the set contains original Illustrator files with everything you might possibly need to work with these fabulous characters.


We included on the set a fancy amoeba character, a lovely tadpole that later becomes a nice lizard who finally ends up being a beautiful monkey that eventually will evolve into a homo sapiens. So these characters ain’t random, they complement each other and can be used for example in science projects and things like that.


We hope you enjoy this gift that we’re releasing this day to the delight of all the graphic and web design fans out there, don’t forget to follow us in our Facebook and Twitter profiles to be up to date with the latest design and web development news, only here, at Webdesignshock.

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