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Facebook news feed and timeline PSD

For any of you that want to mock up any designs using the new Facebook news feed or timeline, here are 2 handy and ready to download PSD’s that will make it easier to do such a thing.

What Stuart Jacklin, the author of the PSD, did here, were 2 templates for making newsfeed and brand timelines look the way you want. This will help you saving time and will make the job much easier. The PSD that Jacklin made features several layers that decompound Facebook’s layout in minimal components, making it easier for one to modify.

Here are some words from the author about this artwork:

“After constantly recreating pages of the Facebook site, I thought it
was about time to make a Facebook template that I could re-use and
make my life a little bit easier. This Photoshop template makes it
really easy to mockup a Facebook timeline for a brand in next to no

The Facebook timeline PSD is fully editable so you can make the most
of the space in the profile and cover image. You can also edit all of
the posts in the timeline to make the content relevant to the page. So
say goodbye to screen grabbing Facebook, well… maybe not altogether,
but hopefully you’ll be doing a little less of it now.”


The Newsfeed PSD is Fully editable and customisable and includes as many examples of posts to Facebook as possible. If you find that there’s something missing that would be useful, the PSD will allow you to add it or modify what’s already in.


PSD is Fully editable and customisable. Just like the newsfeed PSD, this one includes a lot of examples for posts.

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