Figma UI Design Starter Kit, 1000+ Reusable Components

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Introducing Bica, a flexible UI starter kit built for Figma that provides an initial setup to kick-off product designs faster, while taking care of typography, spacings, colors, icons, essential UI components, and library organization.

Bica leverages the coolest features that Figma has to offer, such as Auto-Layout, Variants and Interactive Components to greatly increase the simplicity of customizing and adapting content, and has a purposeful color palette, with well balanced colors for prototyping as well as the simplicity of inverting the colors to get the Dark Mode view straight out of the box

With this product you can forget about creating the same UI elements over and over – get a head start with a system of ready-made components with variations and interaction states, easily customizable, leveraging Figma’s component system to provide the base structure as well as the re-componentized instances to use for variations. It also features flexible typography with a modular scale of typography with several size and weight options. The system does not assume whether you’ll use a specific style for a headline or a body copy

Normally, Bica would be priced at $98, however with this limited time promo you can get this advanced starter kit for Figma for just $39!

You Will Receive:

  • 100+ global styles
  • 1000+ components
  • Flexible typography
  • Reusable components
  • Dark mode, auto layout, variants, interactive components
  • Demo UI included
  • Commercial use license

UI Kit Figma Previews

Preview the kit directly in Figma, right here

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