Flat Characters: More Than 3000 Flat Vector Characters With Over 200 Accessories

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Each and every project, be it web or not, can use the help of a friendly character to boost its appeal and ease its communication needs. For this purpose, we are putting out these flat characters set for business, focused on giving your project a friendly face within the trending and versatile flat style. It contains everything you need to mix up an enormous amount of characters with a wide range of faces, hairstyles, bodies, arms, accessories and complement props, all made entirely as fully editable and resizable vector files, so you can change color, size, all the different elements for an almost unlimited variety of characters of many themes in both genders. We also recommend you our vector monsters pack to keep designing cool characters for your future projects. INTRO_Flat_Characters Previews-630_2 Previews-630_3 Previews-630_4 Previews-630_5 Previews-630_6 Previews-630_7 Previews-630_8 Previews-630_9 Previews-630_10 Previews-630_11 Previews-630_12 Previews-630_13 Previews-630_14 Previews-630_15 Previews-630_16 Previews-630_17 Previews-630_18 Previews-630_19 Previews-630_20 Previews-630_21 Previews-630_22 Previews-630_23 Previews-630_24 Previews-630_25 Previews-630_26 Previews-630_27 Previews-630_28 Previews-630_29 Previews-630_30 Previews-630_31 Previews-630_32 Previews-630_33 Previews-630_34 Previews-630_35 Previews-630_36 Previews-630_37 Previews-630_1 Previews-630_38

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