Fullstack Javascript Developer Certification Course – Beginner To Advanced!

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Earn Your Fullstack Web Developer E-Degree Today

This deal delivers you a complete Fullstack Developer certification program that will teach you everything you need to know about web programming, going through the basics of HTML5 & CSS to plain Javascript & advanced knowledge of JS concepts including ES6 and above, popular Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, Vue & more!

This course covers the entire JavaScript ecosystem starting from the very basics to real world app development using backend JavaScript programming, with multiple real-world use cases & Test Driven development that will make you feel confident to work on any JavaScript project after completing taking this certification program.

This is a complete resource to learn Full stack JavaScript web development; a comprehensive program that includes over 12 in-depth courses, 30 projects & hundreds of source code snippets. It will help you understand which JavaScript frameworks are best for you next project and how they fundamentally work, build your conceptual understanding, sharpen your practical skills, and earn an E-Degree upon completion to certify your new skills.

Regularly priced $199, today you can access these courses and master web development for just $39!

In A Nutshell, You Will Receive:

  • 12 in depth & rigurous courses on programming
  • Learn 15 Technologies
  • Start from scratch: basic HTML5 & CSS
  • Learn to use React, Angular, Node & Redux
  • Practice your skills with 30 projects
  • Exams & quizzes
  • Perfect curriculum for absolute beginners & intermediate developers
  • Learn how each framework works under the hood
  • Earn an E-Degree upon completion of the program

Why This E-degree

Eduonix has created this E-Degree program as one stop solution for learning JavaScript web development. This course covers the entire JavaScript ecosystem starting from the very basics to real world app development using backend JavaScript programming.

What This JavaScript E-degree Is All About

Eduonix’s JavaScript E-degree is a complete program which starts from very basics of web programming. The first course will cover basic HTML and follow it up with CSS and HTML 5. The core JavaScript courses will cover plain JavaScript and advanced JavaScript concepts including ES6 and above. You will also learn popular JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular. Test driven development using JavaScript is also covered under this program. This program has multiple real-world use cases and you will feel confident to work on any JavaScript project after completing this course.

Benefits Of Taking This Program

This course is an inexpensive way to learn real world programming. Most of the companies are now hiring Full Stack developers as it is easy to manage and build products with them. Full Stack developers enjoy higher salary and over all career growth. This course will help you quickly prepare you for challenging projects and professional JavaScript development. In addition to an exhaustive resource for learning you will also get an E-Degree certifying your credentials.


Courses Included In The Full Stack JavaScript Developer E-Degree

Web Development Fundamentals

HTML, CSS, JavaScript This course is designed for absolute beginners. It will dissect and build fundamental concepts required for any web developer. You will be learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript from ground up.

HTML5 with JavaScript

This will be your introduction to HTML5 and how JavaScript and HTML5 interact and complement each other to create rich web apps.

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App development with plain JavaScript

This course will ensure you get super comfortable with the plain old JavaScript. In this section, we will be creating a lot of cool applications with Vanilla Javascript.

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Advance JavaScript for Professionals

Here, you will have to get your hands dirty as we will be diving deeper into the Javascript world. This course will take you from the intermediate level to an expert level. You will learn how JavaScript works under the hood.

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Modern JavaScript covering ES6 and above programming

EcmaScript 6 can be called as just another level of Javascript. With ES6 coding in Javascript takes a whole another turn! We will be covering the in and outs of it. This will ensure you get comfortable with modern JS practices.

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Test Driven development in JavaScript

Test driven development is now almost essential for creating quality software. Learn to use TDD concepts in JavaScript and learn popular testing tools.

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Modern Front End frameworks in JavaScript

We will cover Angular, Vue and React the top three frameworks for JavaScript development. You can start building apps using these technologies after this course.

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NodeJS Development for App development

Learn complete Node JS app development in this course. You will learn backend programming and will learn to use SQL and NoSQL databases for app development.

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Database design and development

Learn to use both SQL and NOSQL databases and use them in your projects. This course will ensure you are comfortable building databases for your applications.

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Backend frameworks in JS – Meteor and Express

This section of the program will cover couple of the most popular Node frameworks which are Meteor and Express JS.

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Building Microservices in JavaScript

Learn to build Rest API and microservice driven JS apps in this one of its kind course. This course will lay foundation of building scalable JS apps.

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Working on Open source JS projects

Become a more effective developer by contributing to open source. Learn the tips and tricks and build an awesome portfolio for yourself.

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