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  • Sep 26, 2017

An important part of the style of a page are the fonts used through it and for many designer one of the first places to look for a font is Google web fonts with more than 500 free fonts ready to be used, but the time it takes to see each and every font is time that you could expend designing your site, however, we bring you our solution to that problem. Best web fonts was created to solve that particular need and it is that Best web fonts show the very best fonts shown on Google web fonts and moreover it allows you to add a text effect to any of the fonts. All the effects are done with CSS and the code to create it can be copied and paste it directly on your page.  Don’t spend your time again searching through that huge collection of fonts, the next time you need a font just go to Best Web fonts.

100 Hand Picked fonts ! only the best ones.






Ready to use CSS effects

Looking for an effect that gives your titles that eye catching point you are needing? Well Best web fonts comes with 23 effects, included hover activated effects, and all of them are ready to be included on your site.






Don’t miss the chance and check this exciting new project now: Best Google Web Fonts
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