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Who hasn’t experienced love? The majority of people worldwide have fallen in love at some point, and we often seize special and commemorative dates to demonstrate affection for our loved ones. On Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to encounter numerous products that reference love, including t-shirts.

T-shirts featuring love designs rank among the most commonly worn and sold, as individuals enjoy donning phrases and symbols that articulate their emotions. Last year, I encountered a campaign by a renowned company where their strategy for this occasion involved creating T-shirts devoid of explicit messages but adorned with shapes conveying those sentiments. The challenge for consumers was to decode the phrases symbolized on the shirts.

This serves as an instance where symbols effectively communicate, particularly concerning matters of love. And with the current boom of graphic tees, in this article we are going to talk about love t-shirt designs, what characterizes them and how you can design the perfect one.

Symbology and Elements Used

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Throughout history and literature, love has taken many forms, ranging from apples to Romeo and Juliet. Love symbols from around their world have found their way into all cultures. The symbols of love around the world throughout history have been many, it is important to understand them and where they come from to be aware of how they can be used for your own project. Here are a few examples:

Red Hearts

The best known, universal symbol of love is the heart-shaped ideograph, and it symbolizes the core of romantic love, affectionate emotion, and caring. This is the quintessential symbol of love, since it is the organ of the body associated with this feeling, because when it sees the person it loves, it shakes and begins to beat more strongly.

Did you know that this symbol originated from a coin during the time of the Greeks? An article from TED Ideas (2019) recounted the complete history of this symbol from its beginnings. It’s fascinating how a symbol can evoke so much intrigue throughout human history, considering the heart is one of the symbols we use most in our daily lives.

You don’t have to use just one or two red hearts on your designs, why should you make a basic design when you can have a unique love design with great love patterns like the ones included in this 100+ vector pattern pack?
4 different hearts patterns with red, pink and different colours


The rose is the symbol that represents Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty (and Cupid’s mom), in Greek mythology and Venus, in the Roman tradition. This represents sensuality, passion and delicacy, all elements alluding to love. Nowadays, the colors of the flower carry a message. For example, a red rose is the perfect gift for a loved one, while a yellow one is the ideal one for a friend, and a white rose depicts divine love.

You can find the perfect roses cliparts in this pack of more than 5200 flowers! You’ll get designs of figs, branches, leaves, flowers & more as well as larger compositions such as bouquets, wreaths, floral frames, baskets and others, all in just one pack!

Illustrated Roses Cliparts To Use In a Design

Infinite and Regular Knots

Knots represent union in many cultures. It is a classic symbol of love of the Celts and very latent in the history of the British Isles. In the same way, it is said that young Muslim women sent romantic messages to their lovers that they placed inside knots that were very difficult to undo. The reality is that this symbol is very accurate to express love, because that feeling also produces the sensation of feeling a knot in the stomach.

Pink Celtic Infinite Love Knot Pattern


It is enough just to go around the city of Paris a bit to realize that the padlock is a clear representation of love. Many couples go to the so-called “city of lights” to make romantic promises, which they seal by placing a lock with their initials on the famous Eiffel Tower or on iconic bridges in the town.

Close-up of many locks in the Love Lock Bridge in Paris with tourists blurred in the background

Swans and Doves

The Greek goddess Aphrodite, and her Roman counterpart, Venus, goddess of desire and love, also symbolize a swan. A popular depiction of love is two swans opposite each other with beaks touching. Their necks form looks like a heart, which reinforces its symbolism, at least in modern culture. Swans mate for life.

White t-shirt with two blue swans in the shape of a heart design

Remember, creating designs with symbols, in this case, of love, should have a logical coherence with everything else being done. The illustrations or prints on the T-shirts, if not done in that order, might end up communicating nonsensical things. Therefore, it’s important to know which symbols are used and what each of them communicates.

If you desire a more succinct rendition of these symbols, here’s a poster encompassing all the information you’ve just read and a bit more.

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Elements of Love T-Shirt Designs

The Matching Clothes Concept

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While you might be thinking that matching clothes is corny and only something that silly people do. Well, let us tell you that there’s more than meets the eye. Matching has been done for hundreds of years, and it’s more popular now than it’s ever been before. Matching helps people create a special bond, show their feelings for one another, and create a feeling of togetherness.

Another thing that matching does is help people show their feelings for one another. Couples in love are perfect for this. The modern trend of couples wearing matching outfits started in Asia, particularly South Korea. Sweethearts thoughtfully wear the same or similar clothes to show that they belong together – both literally and metaphorically.

White and pink matching tshirts with bubbly fonts and groovy style for soon to be married couple

“His and hers” apparel is a way to take your romance public. Like families preparing for a special occasion, couples can also bring some excitement into the preparation of going out. The typical “what are you going to wear” conversation becomes “what should we wear.”

Putting effort into coordinating give couples something fun to work cooperatively on. Once people are all dressed up, they feel proud of what they’re wearing and are excited to show it off. Then, once they’re out, their attire not only lets other people know that they’re together and that they’re proud of that, but it also shows their loyalty to one another. So, you could totally go for designing not only love t-shirts but matching love t-shirts!


Colours do not just satisfy an aesthetic function in our day-to-day lives, they also embody symbolic characteristic that hold meaning to a variety of different people across the world. These meanings differ across cultures and social backgrounds. Palettes and shades can affect our consciousness and influence our mood, which is why the choice of colour is such a crucial decision.

When representing love, the colour red is a popular choice. This is why this shade is often used when celebrating romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, and red flowers are most often gifted to a romantic partner. However, there are some claims that red should not be the colour of love, and instead, it should be green, pink, or purple.


Love fonts are fonts that help to add heart-based emotions to your designs. They also in a way add a personal touch to your designs. Words are a great way to express your emotions. With stylish, intimate, and lovable love fonts you can express yourself.

Script fonts

In a nutshell, you can define script font as a font that mimics cursed handwriting. It is a typeface with a personal touch like calligraphy and handwriting fonts. It has equal parts that are cute and attractive. You can use the font with great ease to evoke feelings of joy and happiness

This is one of the love fonts that comes from a simple, elegant contemporary writing style. The twists and turns of the font are heart-shaped ones that can fit in aptly for any love design. You can find many fonts with this style on the ByPeople tools, for example, you can find this Singel font family which is a neoclassical serif typeface with semi condensed proportions by Fontfabric that will give you love design a romantic and elegant touch.

Script icons and letters with pastel and cream colors

Or you can also download and use a nice cursive fonts pack like this amazing one which contains more than 30 free script fonts, perfect for your love designs to look stylish and elegant in your t-shirts!

Black t-shirt with nice script typography in white

Bubbly fonts

If you’re looking for some playful options, give bubble fonts a try. These whimsical typefaces will add a little fun to your work! A bubble font is a typeface with rounded letterforms. They’re often used to convey a childlike or playful tone. This easy-to-read style font helps to add quality to your projects. This font style can be used in apparel, clothing line, bags etc.

Blue bubbly typography

You can find the perfect bubbly and cute font for your love designed t-shirt in bundles like this pack which includes 20 different creative fonts and their variations, perfect for creating eye-catching designs.

Example of bubbly Tooni Stone typography with pink colours


Clothes scream a volume about your personality and else, but your lifestyle choices display you most appropriately. In fact, you can reckon the entire disposition of the person with how they carry themselves while being dressed. A sharp blazer is the mark of sophistication. A kurta may represent artiness while being comfortable states that the person is quite easygoing and doesn’t give much attention to superficiality.

There are hundreds of clothing options that one may choose from. Still, the most comfortable clothing item loved by all age groups, every gender, and social class equally is a T-shirt.

Whether it’s a single t-shirt or a matching t-shirt, if it’s for a boy or a girl, or a relative, these love quotes can help put how people feel into words. The following can help people show their love for someone:

  • “One love, one heart”
  • “Al you need is love”
  •  “I’m ready to do anything to be your everything”
  • “Self love is the greatest medicine”
  • “Nobody could replace you”
  • “The right ones won’t leave”
  • “Love has no borders”
  • “Take my heart and let’s never apart”
  • “True love is worth the wait”
  • “Make love not war”
  • “Be my Juliet/Romeo”
  • “Pour the wine, his last name is mine”
Valentine's T-Shirt Designs Pack with quotes examples

You can always find even more love related quotes for your designs and even more love-related icons, illustrations and design in this Valentine’s T-Shirt Designs Pack with this full pack and all of the characteristics and details we’ve already talked about in this article, you’ll be more than ready to get into action and design the coolest love t-shirt!

Do Love-Themed T-Shirt Designs Have an Impact?

A study conducted by Drive Research (2019) found that on Valentine’s Day, people spend a certain amount of money, not only on experiences but specifically on details.

The study revealed that 52% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day, and around 3 in 10 Americans will go into credit card debt from V-day spending. Additionally, 35% of consumers will shop online for their gifts.

This indicates that Valentine’s Day gifts are significant, and people do make an effort on this date, as well as on things related to love. Love-themed T-shirt designs then become an economical, creative, and fitting option for gifting to a partner or friends.

Choosing the right design, with symbols, details, colors, etc., will allow us to visualize the type of love we share with the people to whom we gift the T-shirts. That’s why we will talk about the elements of love t-shirts.

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In conclusion, we can understand that love has many symbols and elements, just as in designs. These should be unique and personalized to surprise the person we love. A design can communicate many things, meaning that a T-shirt is not just that; it transcends to other things that help people express emotions they may not be able to articulate.

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