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Helvetica free download… with Google Web Fonts

Would you like to get rid of those boring static elements that only change their color when you rollover them?, maybe shaking them and little bit or make them sway will be nice, the problem is how. We’ve stumbled upon an amusing jQuery plugin that does precisely that, it puts elements to rumble.

jRumble grants you control over X, Y, rotation range, speed and event trigger for the rumble. The plugin works amazingly in all browsers but IE, where some issues show up when triggering the shaking event. The plugin was developed by Jack Rugile, a web and graphic designer from Colorado.

In order to implement jRumble, you need to include it along jQuery just before your closing body tag. Make sure the path to your files is correct. It’s recommended to include it through Google Libraries API.


The plugin presents some specific issues that are on their way to be fixed. On IE the 0 value seems to break the rumble, there’s also no rotation on elements, IE also presents problems when using absolute/fixed position that initially sets a %.


You can find all the necessary documentation by visiting the main site, the plugin itself is really easy to manage considering the great effects that generates. In order to setup an event you can manipulate the following elements:

  • RangeX.
  • RangeY.
  • RangeRot.
  • RumbleSpeed.
  • RumbleEvent.
  • PosX.
  • PosY.

Original link: jRumble

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