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How to get Illustrator anchor points vectorized

Since the era of Illustrator CS, there has been a beautiful plugin to raise the software’s power, we’re talking about Scriptographer, a nice JavaScript based plugin that considerably extends Illustrator’s functionality, providing an extended list of tools to facilitate the drawing and editing process.

On today’s tip, we will show you one of the most useful Scriptographer’s tools, we’re talking about vectorizing the anchor points of any vector object, which is something quite useful for taking screenshots while making tutorials such as this one.


First you need to download Scriptographer, which can be downloaded by visiting the Scriptographer’s homepage where you can find from the CS version to the recently released CS5 Scriptographer. Then you need to extract the compressed files and place them within the Scriptographer folder wherever you want.


Then open your Illustrator and go to Edit>Preferences>Plug-ins and Scratch Disks.


On the next window you need to check the “additional plug-ins folder” option and look for the root where you placed the plugin.


Restart your Illustrator and now you will find Scriptographer at the Window menu.


To start using any of the Scriptographer’s tools, just select it and hit play, then choose the pencil icon that will appear at the bottom of the toolbar.


From now on, you just need to activate the console palette and start checking all the amazing features that this plugin has to offer, from drawing clouds to working with raster effects, we’re sure that you will find Scriptographer very useful when working on Illustrator.


OK now we need to download the specific script that allows to vectorize the anchor points, it’s called Anchorman. To download it you can check on the Scripts section at Scriptographer’s site. Place it inside a folder, preferably on the same where you left the general Scriptographer’s folder.


Once the script is on its place, go back to Illustrator and on the Scriptographer’s menu click on the right button on top of the menu and select Manage Repositories.


A new window will popup where you need to change the directory location and select the one where you left the Anchorpoint script.


That’s it, now you have Anchorpoint installed within your Scriptographer’s window, it’s a very simple script to use. You just need to play it and adjust three basic values, if you don’t like the result, you can always hit Ctrl + Z and try again.


And there you have it, a vectorized version of the object’s anchor points, really cool isn’t it?.


Well, that’s it for today’s tip, you will see how your Adobe Illustrator becomes more powerful than ever with the implementation of Scriptographer and great scripts such as Anchorpoint, there are many other interesting scripts on the website that you may want to check out, please leave us your comments and suggestions regarding how to improve our contents, we will really appreciate it, see you on our next article.

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