Introducing DesignShock: Our New Project, Hundreds of Freebies

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  • Mar 17, 2015

About one week ago we released a new website called DesignShock in which we offer free bundles for visitors, also users can register to get the latest bundles right in their emails.

This project born of the idea of creating a clean site in which users can find what they want and don’t be bothered with a bunch of ads or publicity that some don’t like. DesignShock has a fast posting flow, it’s noticeable that in about one week from the release we’ve published 17 posts. By this time, this site is our ‘baby’ so that it’s likely that great posts come every little time.

Since DesignShock has a bunch of resources for Web Designers/Developers, it is a great place to find the exact things that you are looking for to add to your projects. We encourage you to send us feedback telling us how we’re doing, and we recommend you to subscribe to DesignShock newsletter so that you’ll have fresh freebies in your inbox.

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