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OSX Leopard GUI set, Vector Photoshop and Fireworks files included, great Freebie

Hi friends, this day Tutorialshock is releasing a stunning freebie for all our community. A previously unreleased GUI set for Mac’s OSX Leopard operative system for all web developers that want to integrate great designs into their applications, web designers that are currently working with interfaces and quality GUI sets and well, of course that is also meant to be for all the Apple lovers that want to beautify their desktops with quality designs and components.

This brilliant set was developed by our design team at Iconshock, which as most of you probably know it’s a signature of pixel perfect and top quality designs. The package includes fully editable vector Photoshop sources and a customizable Fireworks PNG file, the original fonts that were utilized for the making of the GUI are also included. We hope that you really enjoy this fantastic freebie, feel free to share it with your friends and coworkers, you can thank us by spreading the world and taking full advantage of this bundle.


This GUI set includes:

  • iTunes interface
  • Volume control
  • Close button
  • Minimize button
  • Maximize button
  • Finder interface
  • Navigation Sliders
  • Volume icon
  • Mac’s hard drive icon
  • Folder icons
  • Control states
  • Color labels
  • Horizontal slider
  • Vertical slider
  • Search bar
  • Top menu
  • Sticky notes widget
  • Calculator widget
  • Clock widget
  • Dock
  • Hour
  • Background
  • Widgets bar




  1. The iTunes interface features a high-end contextual menu, including quality buttons, element icons and more.


  1. As for the Finder, every part of the Mac’s explorer was carefully made, every element of the interface reaches a pixel perfect level.


  1. Elements like the volume icon are perfectly executed so the user gets a real quality product with the download.


  1. Remember Mac’s classic hard drive icon?, well here’s a crispier and nicer version of it.


  1. An elegant dock element that emulates an endless road is also included on the set.


  1. The folder icons offer a new vision regarding the design, colorful elements that could look really great once they’re implemented.


  1. Beautiful sliders and control buttons that will represent a nice change to your desktop. You will also find color markers to set your state.


  1. The top menu has a clear readability, high contrast drop-down menus and well typeface management.


  1. At the right side you will find the main desktop elements, including hour, a fancy search bar and the volume control.


  1. Finally the set comes with 3 beautiful widgets, a sticky note element to mark all your tasks and dates, a fancy analogical clock with second precision and finally, a lovely calculator with the basic buttons included so you can always make quick operations.

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