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Quick tip: Google font previewer for Chrome

chromefont00 Hi friends what’s up?. On today’s tip we want to talk about a nice extension for the Google Chrome browser that will help you preview any website in one of the Google fonts directory. This is certainly an useful tool for web developers and designers, because you can check the functionality of a font inside a website and see if it works before implementing it on the final design, and of course you can use it just for fun if you want to see a website designed with your favorite font.

1. Download the extension

You can download and install this Google Chrome extension from this link. After that, you’re ready to start using the Google font previewer.


2. Using Google font previewer

Once you have installed the extension, a yellow icon will appear next to your search bar. Click on the icon and the extension window will popup.


Then you can select any of the Google fonts to preview the website, as well as making several adjustments to the font itself, like changing the size, style or even adding decoration.


Now you are not forced to read everything on Verdana or Tahoma, you can use Google font previewer and see things the way you want, see you on our next tip.

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