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Flatter: Free PSD GUI + HTML & Bootstrap Template

Today we’re introducing Flatter, our most recent graphic user interface. It is a creation that can be used for several purposes, including the creation of your own website or the usage of the design resources here provided to include them in your newest project.

Flatter comes in three versions: a PSD GUI, an HTML version and a Bootstrap version, with a flat style, beautiful imagery and light typography that contrasts with the sharp tones of the background and elements.

Within this package you’ll find:

The Flatter GUI (Click to Preview)

A compelling creation that comes in vectors so you can edit the items easily and without losing time. It is also a pixel perfect piece of work, so it will look really nice in several devices, regardless of their size. This GUI comes in PSD format, and has complementary colors over a dark background, which gives a sense of professionalism and elegance. The elements it includes are:

  • Top menu bar
  • Dropdown elements
  • Featured slider with controls
  • Responsive columns
  • Typography styles
  • Text widgets
  • Thumbs with widget
  • Buttons
  • Forms and contact widgets
  • Media players
  • Scrollbars
  • Alerts
  • Login forms
  • Modals
  • Nav bars

Its features make it an excellent option for any project, and it comes in layers, correctly named, so you can easily find the elements and edit them.

flatter-theme-2 flatter-theme-3 flatter-theme-4 flatter-theme-5 flatter-theme-6 flatter-theme-7

HTML and Bootstrap Versions (See the Live DEMO)

For web developers, we have crafted a responsive version of this GUI. One as an HTML template, perfect for those who need to create a simple website fastly, and including all the functionality you might need. All its buttons are actionable; its dropdowns are active and its sliders transition smoothly. On the other hand, if you work with Bootstrap, there also a version that allows you to easily integrate it and use it as fast as a lightning. This version includes the required CSS file to make the Bootstrap integration easy, without losing any of its original capabilities, functionality and appearance.

flatter-theme-8 flatter-theme-9 flatter-theme-10 flatter-theme-11 flatter-theme-12


Be sure to download this freebie and share it with everyone who might find it useful.

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