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(131 submissions) | May 4, 2017 (latest edition)

List multiple user interfaces for different types of applications and web purposes.

  • A great perspective view PSD mockup ideal to showcase your design or product project. You can easily add your own designs using the smart layers. It features smart objects, fully editable layers, high-resolution format and easy to adjust shadows.

  • A large UI kit completely free for Commercial and Personal use, it contains 82 screens, 1000 UI elements, and 6 categories. Photoshop sources included!

  • A clean and carefully designed Mobile based UI Kit ideal for web apps and social media interfaces. Photoshop source files.

  • A responsive template for a user interface made in PSD format in a minimal style. The template includes editable vector elements like buttons, user bubbles, backgrounds, radio buttons and more, all of them in multiple resolutions.

  • A user interface for a dashboard made in PSD including elements like bar charts, pie charts, icons and other design elements, it has a flat and sleek design, it is easily customizable and scalable thanks to vectors, and totally grouped and layered.

  • A personal template in bright colors, perfect to be used as a portfolio. It features 3 PSD files, it is completely free for personal and commercial uses, its layers are organized, uses a Bootstrap grid and has google fonts included. The file weighs 112MB.

  • A complete user interface kit for a website with a regular design thought to improve usability. It is made in PSD format, and it has menus, various kind of buttons, tabs, author card, product view, video, sliders and more.

  • A clean and simple user interface kit with tons of screens in PSD format. The screens included are 28, divided in base, social, media, and miscellaneous), at 750x1334px, 326ppi.

  • A user interface made in PSD and Illustrator perfect for food, cooking learning apps and restaurant apps. The UI kit has tons of design elements like icons and characters, and you have screens for login, stats, profile, registration and newsfeed, among others.

  • EventPro is a compelling UI kit that focuses on events’ management created in PSD & AI. The UI kit has several screens for login, balances, recent activity, stats, and many more. It also includes really beautiful design elements like icons and widgets.

  • A pack of screens from 4 different apps. It has a Smart Home App to connect to smart home appliances; Personal Assistant to help with daily activities; an app to check if a pair of shoes is available nearby and Nomad, a solution for the digital nomads and other freelancers.

  • A colorful Material style set of screens made in PSD format. The files are totally editable and scalable with screens you’ll find login, profile, tasks, planner, and tutorial.

  • A beautiful cleaning app user interface with 13 screens. Inside you’ll find design elements and icons, as well as the screens for purposes like home and time details, pay and jobs details, registration, welcome, setting, success and more.

  • This is a free sample of the amazing and comprehensive Article UI, incredibly useful tool made as an UI kit for article composing. It features a minimalistic design and various design components such as comments, blockquotes, galleries sliders and more. Contains PSD, Sketch and HTML (responsive) files and formats ready to be used.

  • Balkan is a UI kit in PSD format, professionally designed to help you create a mobile app faster. It uses Google Fonts, CC0 images (totally free for commercial and personal uses), organized layers, a more than a dozen screen. The template is free and weighs around 56MB.

  • Guacamole is a user interface kit in PSD, XD and Sketch formats to help you develop faster. Inside you’ll find more than 150 icons, 70 UI elements, 600 retina layers, more than 500 vector shapes, and the best of all, they can be downloaded for free. use it for e-shop design, a new app UI or to redesign a blog.

  • Deadline is a compelling e-commerce app user interface kit in PSD format for easy edition. It intends to be the only template you need to use for your online store, including carefully crafted design elements, including tons of screens for you to have fun. The template is free for personal and commercial uses. The download weighs 296MB.

  • Landing free is a simple and colorful sketch and PSD UI kit with tons of handcrafted UI components created to speed up your design process. It has a huge elements collection, including 80+ layouts in different popular categories. The total download weighs around 150MB.

  • A user interface kit made in PSD and Sketch format including several design elements like navigation, menu, alerts, video and music players, widgets for weather, calendar, images, sliders and many more. It is retina ready. The download files weight more than 170MB.

  • This is a UI for a PSD application that ideally will allow the user to learn about his favorite cocktails, the ingredients necessary to make them and the possibility to purchase them in one click. The background fades from fuchsia to azure, it has a check in, menu, and add-to-cart screen.

  • Kama is a mobile user interface kit made for Sketch and Photoshop that includes a conceptual redesign of iOS, and it is totally editable thanks to vector shapes and smart objects. The UI has 120 ready-to-use screens, 8 categories and countless design elements for you to have fun.

  • A sports watch app design made in Photoshop. The app design has suitable smart objects and vectors for easy modification, and it includes beautiful Apple Watch mockups. Icons and fonts are included as well.

  • Relate is a Photoshop and Sketch UI kit that allows you to create UI templates with ease the way you want to. This user interface has 45 templates–distributed in 15 categories–and more than 100 UI elements, all of them optimized and retina-ready.

  • Portal is a free UI pack that is editable in Photoshop and Sketch. It includes more than 200 screens and even more UI elements. The pack is layered, vector-based and it has Google Fonts. Inside you’ll also find categories for easy indexing. Download size is 122MB.

  • A user interface kit for a wallet application (for use in mobile devices) made in AI, PSD and Sketch formats. It features Google Fonts, vector shapes, layers and a pixel-perfect design. The UI shows graphs and other design elements for developing an app that manages money.

  • Feedapp is a great set containing 6 PSD screen templates of a sample app, which tracks user’s mood in 4 different categories love, work, family, and health. It also showcases reports and includes its own iconography among its features.

  • Ocean is a mobile UI kit in PSD format featuring 10 screens containing sign in and sign up forms, the main menu, an activity link, and a friend list of a simple social application.

  • Fade is a mobile UI kit with a predominant deep blue color, featuring a flat style for iOS or Android devices, but specified for iOS 9 resolution that you can use free for personal or commercial projects.

  • Neptun is a beautifully crafted set of mobile screen templates delivered in PSD format files featuring quite a professional and modern look perfect for dashboard administration apps.

  • A fantastic UI kit in PSD using the Patagonia as inspiration, featuring 130 elements within diverse 8 categories, eCommerce, blog, forms, charts, headers & footers, Media, and including free google fonts just to name some.

  • A handy UI kit in PSD perfect for a blog or a magazine website, based on the Bootstrap grid contains diverse elements, headers, sliders, footers, forms and more. The file weighs over 100MB and it can be downloaded from the source.

  • Complete and clean UI kit for e-commerce web pages, contains an extensive variety of useful elements and widget based components. Available in PSD format.

  • A marvelous iOS kit with a nice and simple look for applications design in Apple devices. The pack includes PSD and Sketch files to be used featuring high customization. The file weighs 219 MB.

  • Ventas is a UI sketch in PSD for mobile applications, aimed to travel news, and magazines. It has 6 different screens showing articles, photos, guides and news. A profile account and one space for posting messages and experiences are available on the screens too.

  • A UI kit for mobile or web design containing 9 elements in PSD format, a registration form, calendar, GPS locator, weather channel, store, and a monthly financial balance among them to add them in your project. A premium version with up to 9 categories is available.

  • A nicely crafted user interface kit for social network interfaces that features all the basic and extra elements for users and administrators.

  • Coloro UI kit is a nice set of elements for website design in an editable PSD. It has a simple color scheme, really earthy, and it looks like old school graphic design applied to this day. It includes elements like profile box, calendar, pie chart, thumbnail with caption, video player and more. It was created by uiFest and it’s totally free.

  • Ballhead app is a design concept that visualizes how an app hooks into the Dribbble or Behance platforms to provide its users with a more in-depth analysis of their projects in those platforms counting on features like voice-based analytics and search.

  • EventPro is a modern and advanced event management platform, the download contains the UI kit in PSD format, it is specially made to allows users to Pin content, Manage items, Track balances, Gather statistics, and more.

  • Cake Art Studio brings these edgy and fresh UI elements with an interface full of texture. It includes nav bar, profile, login form, feed and statics pages, it is available in Ai and PSD file format.

  • Flat UI Product cards that will come handy for your online shop so you can always give a minimalistic design to your business. Different designs and colors available. Follow source link and complete form for free download.

  • The 99Lime UI kit is an ultra-slick user interface elements with over 99 design elements to use in your Photoshop designs. It is composed of all sorts of text fields for forms, complemented with icons; all with minimal design.

  • A mobile portfolio app UI kit in PSD format designed for creative designers, photographers, and freelancers including screens for home, showreel, portfolio, blog, and work preview with a 640×1136-pixel resolution. It weighs over 100MB.

  • Arcane UI is a modern flat UI kit for web that comes composed in a single page layout template in fully layered PSD format.

  • A UI kit inspired by winter that includes tabs, weather widget, a profile section, a login section, popular destinations widget, video, menus and more.

  • A free UI kit crafted by Nine Hertz for the new Android Lollipop OS in material design featuring a set of UI elements. This kit is available in PSD format which you can easily modify.

  • A desktop and mobile UI kit crafted in a clean style that features modern, sharp and elegant components and modules. This kit comes in 20 fully layered PSD files for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • A UI kit featuring 10 appealing login screens fully layered in individual PSD format and a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

  • Packed with material design side menu ideas styled by Nine Hertz, this PSD file includes 10 different designs released for free be it for personal or commercial use.

  • A concept of web design for fashion and eCommerce that features a 24-forty-pixel column grid and 10-pixel gutter space.

  • A UI kit in PSD format for Bootstrap 3 that features nice elements with glowy effects in cyan, yellow and green that contrast its smooth dark backgrounds and content.

  • Quite a complete kit of User Interface screens for iOS9 released in PSD format tailored for iPhone 5, 6 and 6Plus.

  • An eCommerce UI kit for iOS Applications that comes in 7 separate PSD files, all of them featuring a material design.

  • Liquid is a website GUI Kit crafted in a flat dark style and released in PSD format. It features compositions for screens of all sizes.

  • A flat GUI Kit that comes with 7 pre-built PSD screens, as well as 100 vector icons and 30 different and fully combinable colors.

  • A set of more than 1000 wooden UI elements that fully crafted in vector PSD. This set includes 100 icons and 30 wooden textures.

  • Stark is quite a versatile UI kit that consists of 200+ components, 90+ elements and 10+ categories. It also includes Arabic alphabet fonts, colors palette, and 128 wired icons.

  • InVision is a cross-platform UI Kit for Mobiles that comes with 52 templates, 35 custom icons, and more than 180 extra elements all of it completely ready-to-use for Retina Screens. It features a nice minimalistic style design laid out on a pixel-perfect 12 column grid, all fully vector crafted. The full archive of both PSD and Sketch files is a hefty size of 930MB of goodness.

  • A UI kit that features elements stylized as cartoon and gaming. You’ll find buttons, pagination, navigation bars, volume control bars, scroll bars, modal signs, video players, cartoon related icons, badges and more in a variety of 30 colors.

  • iOS UI Kit with 21 screens specially designed for iPhone 6 in a dark, flat style and outlined icons. This kit was crafted by Volodymyr Kurbatov and delivered under an attribution 3.0 unported license. It weighs about 145MB

  • Azure is a huge, neat, fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

  • A versatile to-do app UI kit that includes 130 screens, 10 special themes and more than 250 user interface elements. It’s available in PSD and Sketch formats, it is totally editable and scalable. This freebie weighs over 300MB (PSD) and over 700 MB (Sketch).

  • A neat web app user interface for medical purposes made in PSD. It includes vector design elements like icons, buttons, boxes, tabs, pagination, alerts, and a simple flat illustration of the body, with easily editable shapes. The UI has a basic color palette and post thumbs.

  • The Spot user interface is a huge set of components for web design, crafted in a multi-color fashion and totally editable. it includes buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, navigation, input fields, progress bars, widgets and more. File weighs more than 150MB.

  • Icons8 is a user interface kit made in PSD and Sketch that allows the creation of several design elements like icons, off canvas menu, grid with sorting, toolbar, one-level ribbon, search, form elements, input box, buttons, radio button, checkbox, combo box and others. It is a free set of UI controls that can be used for designing better user interfaces for Windows.

  • A set of tiles made in PSD format with colorful style. The template includes widgets for analytics, a rating widget, buy button, posts for products and many more. It is fully editable, and you can download it for free. It was created by Filip Korzycki.

  • A clear Material design user interface with tons of design elements made in PSD format, split in two files. The colors are soft, focusing on sepia tones, including calendar, email widget, feed, forms, gallery, image, library, map, menu, music, notification profile, sign in and more. The UI weighs around 150MB and was made by Jakub Kośla.

  • Nakropol is a flat UI kit with a lot of elements to choose from, made in PSD format. It was designed by Orkan Çep, and it has sign up and sign in forms, profile badges, timeline, time stamps, blog content widget, shopping cart widget and many more. The colors are also quite nice.

  • A material user interface kit made in PSD format. The kit enclosed some neat widgets like a login form, weather, chart, menu bar, map, calendar and product widget. Additionally, it has a profile badge. The PSD is fully layered and editable 100%.

  • A complete UI kit for a real estate agency made in PSD format. The template is fully layered and editable, including design elements like headers, guides icons for multiple purposes and more. The UI kit is free and it was made by Farid Sagiev.

  • iCollection is a user interface kit made in PSD format including 38 screens. The screens are divided into three categories: iShop (perfect for e-commerce apps, with 15 PSD files), iShoot (12 PSD files) and iOwn (13 PSD files). creation is totally editable and you can use it freely. It weighs 148MB.

  • A User Interaction kit made in PSD format that will allow you to create comfortable and intuitive app designs for recent iOS interfaces. To use it, just drop the smart object over the layout to test your design. It was created by Dribbble user Bunin and based on the article The Rise of the Phablet.

  • A nice company page made with as a mockup of LinkedIn pages. It was created in PSD graphic user interface, composed of menus, icons, profile pic space, widget areas and more. This company page only has a desktop version, it weighs around 33MB and it is free to use in any way.

  • A YouTube Channel graphic user interface made in PSD format, totally and easily editable. This interface includes the most relevant design items you’ll possibly need in order to make an app or a website, and you need to integrate YouTube elements into it. This GUI is free and it weighs almost 44MB.

  • A complete and sleek mockup for Google+, including all of its design elements, totally editable in PSD format. The elements included range from simple ones like icons and buttons, to more complex like complete menus, sharing boxes and more. There are designs for mobile and desktop devices, the file weighs around 45MB and it’s totally free.

  • The Facebook timeline GUI is a complete creation made in PSD format for easy edition. perfect for this social network’s lovers. It works for several mobile and desktop devices, including the relevant design elements for each one, like the icons, profile pic, search boxes, chat avatars, buttons and many more. This GUI is free.

  • A compelling set of editable screens for a mobile app, really colorful app with lots of design elements. The screens are perfect for profile, menu, notifications, news feed, music player, and categories. It includes profile pic areas, icons, menus and more, totally editable and free to use. This UI weighs 120MB.

  • A nice user interface for a website made in PSD format. It has simple details complemented with smooth colors. The template includes elements for headers, logo, social sharing, timelining, contact form, comments, bars, app presentation and more. It was crafted by Nik Pletikos.

  • The Transparent UI Kit is a glossy and bold UI kit that includes lots of user interface elements. The user has a lot of options to choose from and its design is ideal for web and mobile apps. It has three different template versions: Web, Smartphone, and Mobile.

  • A cool and free user interface made in PSD format. It has charts, calendars, profile widgets, maps pins, blog post widgets, author badges, clock widgets and more. It is focused on video games, and the PSD files are totally editable and its layers organized. The set was created by Влад Камельский and it weighs about 162MB.

  • A nice PSD experimental file that includes an iOS app template. It has a colorful minimal style, including screens for different stages of the app like albums, camera, edit, login, people, profile and search. It layers are organized and it is totally editable. This nice creation was made by Virgil Pana.

  • Drunken Parrot is a CSS user interface kit that includes a lot of elements you might need while designing a Bootstrap-ready Site. It is flat with bright colors to stand out, it includes design elements like dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons, color palettes input fields styles, and more. It can be downloaded both in PSD and CSS formats.

  • A UI kit that includes screens for mobile apps made in PSD format. The set includes a multicolored selection of elements like buttons, contact forms, color palette, search screen and more. the set is free and can be used in any type of project. It was made by Victor Vorontsov.

  • A beautiful and colorful set of futuristic UI elements made in PSD. The kit has some design elements like a calendar, a profile badge, contacts widget, activity log per user widget and alerts. This UI kit was created by Balraj Chana.

  • A free retina user interface kit made with blue tones and nice flat shapes. It includes different elements for designing like menus, logins, profile widgets, media players, calendars and many more. Its design is flat, complementing it with images. This UI was created by Bradley Bussolini.

  • A dark user interface PSD kit including various layouts and components designed to be used in both Web and mobile devices. All credit goes to DtailStudio.

  • A completely clean and elegant UI made in PSD format. It includes more than 55 multi-purpose design elements with a minimal style, its elements come in vectors for easy edition, includes icons, wireframes and more. It is free and it was created by Tomasz Mazurczak.

  • A nice template for an Eclipse documentation made in PSD format. The template includes designs for the main page of the documentation, a widget with links, a notification box, navigation bars and alerts. This template is free and it was created by Afnizar Nur Ghifari.

  • A complete modern UI kit with tons of different design components to be used in regular websites, online stores and mobile applications. The kit comes in PSD and PNG, and it includes charts, menus, widgets for maps, clock, select boxes, profile boxes and many more. This is licensed under MIT.

  • The Summer UI kit is a compelling creation consisting of various design elements for summer events-related websites or apps. The UI has the regular buttons, switches, widgets for maps, calendars, profile, login and more. This user interface kit was created by Sergey Azovskiy and you can download it and use it freely.

  • A free material user interface kit that comes in PSD format and comes packed with more than 40 UI elements, 40 templates, 7 application categories and 30 icons. Besides, it has an organized layout, works with Photoshop CS6 and it weighs more than 172MB, so you get an idea of its quality.

  • Zebra is a cool user interface design for a mobile app made in PSD format. It has a great deal of crafted design elements ready to be implemented in your next project. It includes the core screens already designed, it’s easy to extend elements to new screens, totally organized and Photoshop ready.

  • An analytics user interface kit comes in PSD format with vectors for easy edition. The design mixes dark with light, creating a nice mood. It includes sparklines, wavy graphics, numbers, pie charts, profile box and other design elements. This is a freebie by Balkan Brothers.

  • A flat and beautifully designed user interface in PSD format, made with a dark style but complemented with vibrant colors. It includes some nice elements, necessary in web design like a horizontal menu with icons and labels for settings, accounts, messages, and favorites among others.

  • Putty is a gigantic set of UI elements created by Dribbble’s Alexey Anatolievich. The styling is fantastic, using a solid dark background that poses as a great foundation for all the neon effects and vibrant colors found on the UI elements themselves.

  • A cool UI made with the Material design guidelines (not quite accurately, though). It includes various design elements and widgets like menu, icons, profile box, weather widget, video and audio player, featured content widget, stats widget and calendar, all in PSD format with editable vectors. It was created by Oliur Rahman and you can download it and use it for free.

  • The Publica kit is a free and complete UI with tons of design elements, a flat design and neutral colors. It is perfect for organizing a complete website, or take parts of it for different types of websites, like one-page designs, portfolios, corporative layouts, blogs, newspapers, magazines and more.

    It was created by Raul Taciu and Vlad Cristea, and it is free so you can download and improve.

  • An excellent flat user interface made in PSD format with tons of design elements that suit an online store easily. Among the design features you can find there are:

    – Shopping cart products widget
    – Buy now buttons in different colors
    – Regular buttons for various purposes
    – Range sliders
    – Percentage circular sliders
    – Pagination elements
    – Pricing tables
    – Calendar
    – Rounded buttons
    – Active and inactive stars for rating elements

    This UI was created by Johnny J and it is free to download.

  • A beautiful PSD UI kit designed in a set of blue tones. It is a compendium of components such as a search bar, a player, a calendar, a profile card, a log-in form, weather widgets, a bar graphic, and more.

  • Bs. is a small flat User Interface template that you can download and use freely. Among its features it includes pixel perfect design, a fully editable PSD file, 100% vector shapes, organized layers, easy color edition. The fonts includes and used are the Ubuntu Family & Bebas Neue.

  • A beautiful UI kit in PSD using winter as inspiration, it is composed of a weather screen, buttons, checkboxes, navigation bar, a search element, and a video player example among others.

  • This is the NEAT UI KIT, a beautiful creation with several design elements with a minimal style and friendly outlined icons. Its components are:

    – Audio player with icons for liking and closing. shuffling, random song, play, rewind, forward and slider.
    – Movie player with the regular slider, play, enlarge and volume buttons.
    – Item card with thumbnail, caption and button.
    – Chart with bars, numbers and labels.
    – Profile cards with thumbnail, followers, following and likes.
    – Login form
    – Calendar
    – Weather widget

    This UI kit was created by Valik Boyev and Natalia Raikova, and its free to download.

  • TETHR is a set of 138 UI templates that comprise lots of design elements, including mobile applications, e-commerce, messages, multimedia, navigation, social and tracking items. The UI Kit weights 220+MB.

  • A UI kit in blue, white and gray color tones that includes buttons, drop-down menus, list items, menu, pagination, progress bar, search box, a slider, toolbar and widgets, all within a fully layered PSD file.

  • This freebie is a gorgeous restaurant website or application needs incredible ingredients such as modern design, handpicked elements and inspiring layout. Carefully crafted sliders, buttons, footers and tabs are part of this wonderful restaurant UI kit making the Spicy Treats UI perfect for a BBQ restaurant or bar website. It can be also used for an online coffee shop.

  • A unique Android interface with a colorful creation brought to us by Dribbble’s user by Sergiy Ganushchak. It includes the regular interface elements like signal strength, Wi-Fi, battery, and hour. Also, it has a Google Search bar and right below it, a weather widget with an icon of the current weather state, indicators of temperature, date and time.

    At the bottom, we can see some app icons, which are rounded, and next to them we can see a little bit smaller icons for featured apps. Its style is flat.

  • A stylish concept of a mobile app for Dribbble consisting of profile, gallery, details, comments, and upload screens, all with a flat and pink graphic style, and made in vector shapes in Photoshop for easy editability. Among the design elements you can find there are menus, social icons for sharing, liking and commenting; tooltips, and many more items to make a great mobile app.

  • An elegant solution for adding collaborators for a project, search for people on the right section, and read more about them on the left. Everything is editable and has vector shapes, except for the lovely circle buttons and the search input up on the right.

  • A very useful widget design proposing an intuitive drag and drop interface for uploading files. Once the user starts the upload process, a neat progress bar signals how much of the file has been received. A checkbox offers the possibility to make the upload private. You can download the PSD file in order to apply modifications.

  • A fantastic design that provides a starting point for a Grooveshark application to be used in machines running Apple’s OS X. It features a nice background, keeping Grooveshark’s style, while the control window neatly organizes control buttons and a setlist.

  • Here is another PSD freebie, created by Erlen Masson. The idea is to provide a Disqus commenting widget where users can posts their opinions and ideas after every post. Disqus is a great tool that enables commenting and integration with social networks in your web project.

  • An interesting design with a patterned background, providing a template to work on a Metro-styled interface, as seen on Microsoft latest products. It provides a good deal of detail while keeping the emphasis on simplicity that characterizes Metro creations.

  • Interface in the style of Mac OS that contains multiple interface controls such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, buttons, tabs, navigation controls, among others.

  • The Grooveshark music player mini version, a little modified, as a freebie!  Download the .psd in the attachment.

  • A beautiful PSD containing a user interface design for a content management panel, complemented with clean and detailed elements. It is a dashboard user interface that can be used in your next web application or website. Also, it has a multi-level navigation and a beautiful layout.

    It is totally editable, free to download and it was created by Asif Aleem.

  • Controls transparent aspect map very well overlap map canvas.

  • Beanstalk app has a sweet little built-in code editor. I like it. So thought I would make something similar.

  • This iTunes UI design borrows elements from simple design techniques like Metro and flat in order to create a straightforward interface. It comes in two versions that feature the same elements with a small difference: One is plain white while the second has a subtle blur effect and slight gray tones.

  • A concept for the WordPress dashboard with a flat and clean design. The admin template provides a dashboard that you can use to manage and run your web applications, and since this is a PSD file, you can play with the design freely and make any changes. You can design your own interface, the icons, and alter the design in general, but using the original colors, objects, and general layout will save you a lot of time.

    It was created by Asif Aleem.

  • I did this today, because I really love the new iTunes interface (well it’s actually not that new, but I’ve just updated today :-) ).Let me know what you think – DO NOT leave this page until you wrote me a comment ;-)

  • Quick News is a freebie where we can see basic information about a post before seeing the whole piece, including Facebook login access at the bottom. The design applies big images to show the articles and leaves a bit of space for a title and preview of the content. The PSD is free, and you can edit it as you like.

  • Quick settings box with flat style for free download.

  • Mobile interface: Three bars for iOS apps, profile top bar, search bar and message options bar.

  • An interesting concept created by Aleksandar Nikcevic. It consists of two different screens that will allow us to Skype call somebody right from the app, or share information on Twitter and Facebook. It was created with food applications in mind, but this can surely be useful in a variety of projects.

  • A simple concept that showcases an auto-filtering search bar, useful for providing fast navigation through large amounts of data. The design itself is quite simple, featuring a plain white bar that goes along the site and a dropdown that fills dynamically when typing in it. A bright, colorful background wraps up the styling.

  • A dark UI that contains everything needed in a shopping cart, mixed in with sleek and beautiful text elements and created as PSD. The user interface holds inside all sorts of design components, among which we can count delete icons, outlined tables, selects and visible buttons. All of these elements have been created with awesome readable typography and are comprised within an editable PSD.

  • Incoming video call interface; simple and flat design by Dylan Opet from Dribbble.

  • I was working on some app when I realised the next thing on my todo list is setting up preferences. I had some ideas for different views but I wasn’t sure about them. So I’ve focused my inspiration elsewhere.

  • A beautiful Twitter widget that can work to check other people’s profiles as well as your own. The rounded avatar picture is rounded by a transparent background that wraps up the header. Below, he have a set of sections that will allow us to see tweets, favorites, direct messages and more.

  • Couldn’t find a PSD mockup for the standard Soundcloud embed player—so I made one! Free free to download and use for personal projects and client side presentations only—not for commercial projects. A few notes: – For use in website mock-ups only – Non-retina – The logo is a trace which makes it unapproved by Soundcloud. Do not use this logo outside of the mockup. – Enjoy!

  • ​A cool concept for a Mac application named iNotified by the user. The idea is to provide a single tool that provides updates for multiple social networks instead of having five or six independent apps for each website. It features attractive glow effects that contrast well with the dark interface.

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