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Real-time web analytics tool, easier and effective

One of the most important things in the web business is having a permanent eye on statistics, including web traffic, views per day, pingbacks, tweets and more. There are many great tools to help you on this enterprise and one of them is GoSquared.

GoSquared specializes in making web applications to help you monitor and interact with your visitors in real time. The interface is presented in an eye-friendly way that prevents people from spending hours understanding tons of ciphers and data.


For start using GoSquared, you only need to place its tracking code within your site’s HTML prior closing the </body> tag. You have to make sure that GoSquared is installed in all your site’s pages to obtain a maximum performance, you can find a complete support on how to properly implement GoSquared by visiting the official page.


GoSquared has two big services to help you monitor your website. First we have LiveStats, this service shows you what’s going on within your site in real-time, it displays your most popular contents based on the number of people reading them, this analysis is enhanced by the parsing of tweets and pingbacks from other people and websites.


Then we have Trends, a great complement to LiveStats. Trends’ interface consists of a series of unobtrusive and easy to read widgets. The main purpose of Trends is analyze which websites are sending you the most traffic, which browsers are being used by your followers and more.


In conclusion, GoSquared is definitely a great option to manage your site’s monitoring, the service offers tons of great features such as:

  • Complete documentation.
  • Thorough installation instructions.
  • Twitter analysis.
  • Pingbacks.
  • Easy to read statistics.

Original link: GoSquared

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