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Quick Tip: Remove an object from background using content aware filling in Photoshop

removeobjects00 What’s up friends?, we’re starting a new week on Tutorialshock and as you’re probably starting to notice, it’s about time to publish a new tip, on this case a great trick for photographers and designers that will definitely help them out.
When you’re working with photographs, it’s usual to find objects within the picture that we want to remove, either because it does not look good or because we want to place something else instead of it. In the pass there was a few experts that were able to disappear almost anything from a picture employing very primitive tools, those were the wonder years of the photo editing art. Now thanks to the constant progress in the Adobe products, we can use content aware filling in Adobe Photoshop for removing objects in a fast and effective way that will let our works looking fabulous and even amaze a couple of relatives and friends, let’s how this trick works.

First of all, let’s select a picture that has an object that we will like to remove, we found this nice picture at a friend’s portfolio on Flickr.


As you may have noticed, we want to remove the little kid that’s hanging around the beach. For start, select the quick selection tool, which is a great of make specific selections, you can adjust its size and other parameters on the top bar.


Take your time to make the selection, if you do it wrong, just hit Ctrl + Z and try again until you get it.


Let’s refine our selection so we won’t let any pixels outside of the selection, go to Select>Modify>Expand and choose 4 pixels.


With 4 pixels we make sure that nothing gets unselected.


Now let’s add 1 pixel of feather to make our selection a little smoother.


We suggest you to use feather when making selections so the picture won’t look cut or damaged.


And with the selection completed, we can now disappear it from our picture.


The magic trick is the following: Go to Edit>Fill.


Choose “Content-Aware”, blending mode normal and 100 % opacity.


And that’s it, the kid is gone and our beach is empty, ready for you to place some text or make a montage.


Let us know how it went with different pictures, hope you find this tip helpful, see you tomorrow.


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