Windows 8 GUI Theme Pack (Metro Style, With Editable Source Files)

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Hello everybody, we love doing nice and fresh offers for all of you guys, yes, we really do. That’s why we have designed this complete set of Windows 8 GUI elements, but hold a second, Windows 8 hasn’t been released yet. Yes! and that was the main challenge for our designers team, but what the hell, we love challenges. :)

This time the design team behind the shock family (IconShock, WebDesignshock and ThemeShock) have created a complete set of GUI elements inspired in the new windows 8 interface, called Metro, it was made purely in Photoshop using vector shapes, so it will be easily adaptable to your designs.

More than 100 GUI elements for windows 8 (PSD)

This great set is included in a single but perfectly organized PSD file, with separated layers for each screen, each element has been carefully designed, checking every single detail. There’s also an Ubuntu GUI hanging around you might want to check out if you’re feeling alternative.

All elements has been created using vector psd shapes, so you can easily adapt each element to your own design, windows 8 hasn’t been released yet, but we are sure it is going to be a great SO that will rock the market next year, you will see it… some of the included elements are:

  • Windows Developer Preview
  • Windows Update Login screen
  • Boof Manager screen
  • Blue screen (of the death)
  • Windows Store elements
  • Windows Repair tool
  • Lock screen
  • Keyboard (2 options)
  • Alarm buttons
  • Win8 Sidebar
  • Task Bars
  • icons, buttons, badges, fonts, etc

Some screen examples

There are tons of screens and elements created for this set, we carefully check the available information we have from the next windows to define every element, trying to capture even the smallest details. Below some previews of the elements and screens included.


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