Instant Breadcrumbs, Plugin for Improved Primary Navigation Menu

Instant Breadcrumbs is a plugin that adds a breadcrumb trail to your WordPress blog’s primary navigation menu. It does not require that you edit your theme. Its features are:

– Working with both custom primary menus and the default ‘page’ menu generated by WordPress

– Produces RDFa-compliant breadcrumb trails that may be used by Google and others in search results

– Supports customization of the breadcrumb titles for pages such as the front page, archives, and search

– Re-uses existing top-level entries in the primary menu to avoid repeated links

– Includes CSS classes for added breadcrumbs for optional further styling if desired

– Supports HTML markup in post titles, with the option to disable it

– “Manual” mode allows insertion into templates for themes that do not use the WordPress primary navigation menu

– A widget is available if you would prefer to show the breadcrumb trail in a sidebar

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