WordPress Plugins Pack: Top Bar, Pricing Tables, Team Members, Responsive Tabs & Testimonials!

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Get access to a pack of useful WordPress Plugins that will give the websites you’re working on an aesthetic look and awesome functionality!

This pack includes powerful wordpress plugins to add responsive pricing tables, top bars, team & testimonial sections, as well as tabs for when you need to fit big chunks of content in smaller spaces, easily and hassle free! They feature many customization options to blend them seamlessly with your sites, different visual styles and functionalities.

The purchase includes an unlimited sites license for implementing these powerful solutions on all of your commercial websites & client projects! Save over $180 with this deal today!

In Short, You Will Receive

  • 5 useful wordpress plugins
  • Top Bar
  • Pricing Table
  • Team Members
  • Responsive Tabbed Content
  • Testimonials Plugin
  • All plugins are fully responsive & functional
  • 1 year auto updates
  • Unlimited use in commercial products
  • Support from the creators!

License Details:

If you need these plugins to implement them in end products sold in a marketplace, or if you want to use it regularly for client projects, this pack is definitely what you’re looking for!

  • Automatic updates for one year (renewal is free)
  • You can use the item for unlimited end products
  • You can modify the item as much as you want
  • You can use the item for an end product that is sold multiple times
  • You cannot sell the items as stock

Details: WordPress Responsive Pricing Table Plugin

Create your pricing tables the right way! This plugin is an elegant solution for showcasing your services to your visitors, hassle free. The user-friendly interface gives you the ability to customize each one of your plans and make whatever it is that you are selling as appealing as possible. With it, you can make it easy for your customers to clearly understand what you are offering.

  • Choose from several different visual styles for your pricing tables (skins)
  • Plan equalizer (plans’ height automatically even out)
  • Add tooltips to your features (reveals text on hover)
  • Custom buttons support (Stripe, Paypal…).

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WordPress Team Members Plugin

Nail your website’s “meet the team” section and introduce your staff/members/people to visitors with style. While the average staff list can be impersonal and lacking in warmth, this plugin will allow you to be relatable and interesting. Your visitors will want to take the time to know the people who are at the heart of your company/organisation because it matters.

  • Add a second photo that will show when hovering over the first one.
  • Automatically align your members with the equalizer
  • Assign a color per member versus one global color
  • Add complementary info in a clean toggle box.
  • Instantly preview your changes (see video below).
  • Choose between squared and rounded pictures.
  • Apply filters to your pictures such as vintage, black & white, and more.
  • Choose between floating, inside-the-box and full-width pictures.
  • Change the size of your member boxes’ top border.
  • Add two more links to each member.

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Responsive Tabs WordPress Plugin

Display tabbed content on your website easily with this useful plugin; whenever you need to fit big bits of content into small spaces, Responsive Tabs will have your back! Thanks to the tab/accordion system, your content will be divided into sections that you can show/hide by clicking the tabs. This plugin is responsive and will turn into an accordion when chosen breakpoint is reached.

  • Link to your page opening a specific tab.
  • Create tabs that link directly to external pages.
  • Add icons for your tabs (from font-awesome’s free icons).
  • Compact mode: Reduce the space inside your tabs’ labels so it all fits in one line.
  • Choose between squared and rounded borders.
  • Choose from several background presets.
  • Add an small arrow to the active tab (optional).

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WordPress Responsive Testimonials Plugin

Optimize your conversions rate with this Testimonials plugin for WordPress, and display your customer testimonials in a way that it’s easy to read and blends organically with your website. The user-friendly interface let’s you create testimonials in seconds and re-order them anytime. One of the best ways to sell a product is to let your happy customers talk about it!

  • New layouts (text-below 4 columns, list-style 1 columns, list-style 3 columns).
  • Add a heading quote (introduction/main point) to each testimonial.
  • Change your pictures’ size.
  • Use main color for author block background.
  • Change the heading quote’s font size.
  • Choose text-alignment for “text-below” layout.

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WordPress Responsive Top Bar Plugin

Get the smart and seamless notification bar you’ve been looking for! It allows you to show a message to your visitors (as well as a button). This is the cleanest & less intrusive way to communicate with visitors about special offers, new releases, contests/games and more. With this plugin you get to catch the attention of your users & seamlessly integrate your message at the same time!

  • Allow users to close/open the Top Bar (define the initial state).
  • Delay: Set a time before the Top Bar appears.
  • Make it visible only for guests/registered users.
  • Bottom positioning (useful for themes with sticky menus).
  • Add a bottom border.
  • Change the font-size.

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