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WP Business Intelligence Lite « WordPress Plugins

Adding charts and tables to your web site has never been that easy. WP Business Intelligence Lite transforms your WordPress platform in a reporting tool with responsive charts and tables. Charts are powered by D3, a powerful JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. Tables are powered by DataTables and provide sorting, filtering and dynamic paging by default. With a little coding you can implement the DataTables API and add the advanced features you need. The admin interface lets you create SQL queries to retrieve data from the DB. Once you have created at least one query that correctly retrieves data from your DB, you can define the type of chart (bar, (multi)line, pie) or table to be used to display them. A simple shortcode embeds the chart or table in any post or page. Each page refresh retrieves the data from the DB so that the information in the chart or table is always up-to-date.

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