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A complete catalog of partial or totally CSS-based menu experiments with radically diverse styles and functions.

  • A simple sidebar toggle menu made in CSS and JavaScript that activates on click, displaying a material menu for applications and mobile websites. It also looks good on big screens.

  • A colorful material CSS and JavaScript menu that uses concentric circles. When clicked on the middle, it displays different rings for likes, profile, photos and messages. It can be used on both mobile apps and websites.

  • A button made in CSS that activates a simple menu on click. It can be used as a menu in a mobile app or a website, it’s lightweight and easy to implement.

  • A responsive sticky slider made in CSS and jQuery. It sticks to the bottom of the screen in initial states, and when you scroll the menu sticks at the top. It has a minimal style, and its code does not affect page load.

  • A CSS animated toolbar which uses jQuery to add a bit of functionality. It includes some icons and the general style of the toolbar can be classified as material. The code does not take much and doesn’t affect the page load.

  • A material header with really simple click effects made with CSS and JavaScript. It displays the menu that expands twice when you click on it. It can be used on any website without affecting the page load.

  • An expanding menu made in pure CSS. It has a Material style and its animation is really smooth. The implementation is really easy as well, and you can edit the code to match your website’s style.

  • A simple menu that uses CSS and JavaScript to give focus to a specific area of the site, while blurring other parts. It can be used in photography websites, portfolios and agency sites.

  • In this article, you will learn how to add custom navigation menus in WordPress themes. It goes through the steps from the addition to the functions.php file to responsive menus.

  • A library of CSS demos that you can use as an alternative to JavaScript. It includes toggles, carousels, games, menus, animations and others, it includes the option to try the demos included in the page.

  • This interactive application interface designed for a menu has two main characteristics: drop-down categories for each type of order and an additive for the products; all alongside a well-crafted design and an awesome palette.

  • A floating draggable menu made in CSS and JavaScript resembling the one used by Facebook. The menu can be located anywhere on the website, and dragged with a cool snake effect when active. It can be used both in websites and apps.

  • A beautiful and useful code experiment created by Codepen user Ren Aysha in which we can see a CSS horizontal accordion, perfect to be put as the header of a website. This one is specially crafted for social purposes, initially showing the icons and when hovered over it shows a title and an excerpt.

  • A code experiment with SVG icons for website navigation. It consists of buttons made with CSS and JavaScript that change color when selected. Also, it has Material transitions to make it look dynamic.

  • A CSS menu attached to the left side of the screen (beautifully designed and simple to use). The buttons show a label effect when they are hovered over, and you can use it on mobiles and desktops. It uses Font Awesome Icons, the open font Lato (via Google Fonts) and CSS3 transitions.

  • A beautiful color pie chart made with SCSS and JavaScript in a Material style that opens with a click on the perimeter of the circle and closes with a click on the X button. As you move on the perimeter, the type of food and numerical values of the four parameters change, making it perfect for websites to show information about the different features of various products.

  • A fluid menu made with CSS and material style that is suitable for mobile apps and for a websites’ responsive navigation. Even though this kind of menu looks nice on every screen size, it is intended for mobile environments thanks to its usability. It used some JS to add functionality.

  • A menu button featuring social connections with a smooth radial deployment effect from a hamburger icon, round social icons. Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn are among them.

  • A clever design of a menu featured by nice right sided pure CSS ribbon elements featuring icon fonts to represent each of the items.

  • A beautifully crafted menu that features its items on a flat ribbon that is placed on top of an oval logo design.

  • Quite a creative idea of a side menu in which ribbon-like colorful elements smoothly slide out from underneath the content box as you click the menu button.

  • Try these 14 fantastic animated hamburger buttons. They all spin into arrows and crosses. SASS version available. See them in action from the live demo and pick which one suits your needs best.

  • A very appealing sidebar menu that counts on slide-animated elements that represent the page that they’ll show, the content of each page is also animated with sliding effects making everything nice and coherent.

  • This fun and delicious Codepen is a menu concept with a bouncing jelly scroll effect, items divided by color scheme, flat food icons and a nice click popping effect.

  • CSS animated menu with interactive, colorful lines, smooth slide, fade in and pop up effects perfectly suitable to style navigation bars.

  • A CSS3 menu that slides in and shrinks away through parallax effect as you click in the menu icon, smoothly resizing all elements in the screen as the transition goes.

  • A simple menu on the left side of the screen which works as “dropdown” once the user hovers over some elements. It has a flat style, and can be applied and modified easily thanks to the simple CSS and jQuery snippets included. This code can be used freely.

  • A fully customizable and appealing gradient context menu to add to your websites taking the most out of its dark icons, smooth selected item highlight and sub-menus. This context menu was created by Ryan Morr.

  • A simple yet complete menu with a radial effect made in CSS and JavaScript. This is a cool effect that can easily be styled and integrated into any web or mobile project. Within, social icons can be included, as well as other types of icons. The code is free and editable.

  • A navigation made with pure CSS3 that creates a flyout navbar with 3D transforms. It is a simple creation that can be included easily into any website, and can be styled easily as well. The navigation was created by Tiffany Rayside.

  • A nice CSS and jQuery effect for a navigation menu that reveals its items once the button is clicked, laying backwards the page content.

  • A set of CSS effects for navigation. All of them are responsive, consisting of off-canvas menus. The menus appear differently, and you can adapt the one you like to your project for free. Created by Andrzej Dubiel.

  • A simple code snippet in CSS for creating a one-page menu. The snippet uses very little CSS and no JavaScript, and It can be used commercially or personally, as long as you provide proper attribution. It was created by Alberto Hartzet.

  • A nice navigation layout displaying a simple menu icon. Once clicked, a side menu with colorful icons appears. The layout also has some effects for screen transition. It was made with CSS and JavaScript by Codepen user Ettrics.

  • A terrific menu placed over a surprising CSS ribbon that comes loaded with awesome hover effects, making the ribbon bend itself, raising the menu element highlighted over the background through a wonderfully achieved 3D result. A slight color change is also included.

  • A responsive menu for mobile apps and ever for web purposes made in CSS. It includes several different icons and colors, giving it the appearance of a Metro interface with some effects and animations. This snippet was created by Vineeth.TR.

  • A compelling responsive menu made in CSS only. It has a profile pic on top, and some links for dashboard, customers, users and setting. The icons were taken from Entypo, and the avatar was taken from UIfaces. This menu can be used for free, modified and it was created by Claudio Holanda.

  • A simple circular menu made in pure CSS3 for a weather app or related. It is a colorful snippet, that activates on click and shows different icons indicating weather conditions. It can be modified and it was created by Moreno Di Domenico.

  • An off-canvas menu with effects on click and hover made with CSS and JavaScript. When clicked on the menu button it displays the effect on links, and when you hover a link it darkens a bit. This snippet can be implemented in any project.

  • A simple flat menu with smooth effects made in CSS format. It follows the mouse when you hover over one item, and it displays a submenu. The animations were carefully crafted with CSS and it can be implemented on any website. This was created by Codepen’s user Robert.

  • Pushy is a simple off-canvas menu created using CSS transforms and transitions. It has a smooth performance when used on mobile devices, includes fallback animations for IE 7 to 9, if a link is selected the menu closes automatically, it is responsive and has collapsible submenus. It was made by Christopher Yee.

  • A flat navigation made in CSS and JavaScript showing some tabs and a drop-down menu. It can be used in any website, matching its style. It was created by Andy Tran.

  • A compelling menu for mobile apps made in CSS and JavaScript. It shows a simple feed interface with a menu button. Once clicked, the menu appears as a white circle covering the whole screen, displaying the menu. This snippet is nice, although it can be a little smoother in its movements; it was created by Virgil Pana.

  • An actionable menu for mobile apps that appears when hovered over made with CSS. The menu that appears has a beautiful background which can be dynamic according to the images the user uploads, and the menu slides from left to right smoothly. It was created by Virgil Pana.

  • A sliding touch navigation menu for mobile apps or even web projects. It is dependency-free and features simple markup, native scrolling, easy customization and CSS transforms & transitions. It is lightweight, just 4 Kb is taken by this menu created by Mango.

  • A menu made in CSS inspired by the Material Design trend. It is a colorful creation, containing icons within boxes that come to life when the user activates the menu. It also make some particles flow around the canvas, and then gathering them back when the user closes the menu. This snippet was created by Harris Carney.

  • A compelling menu for apps and websites made in CSS and JavaScript. It consists of simple circles with icons inside for the action you need. You can adapt it on your designs easily and use it freely. It was created by Dudley Storey.

  • A beautiful transition made in CSS for an off-canvas menu implementing the guidelines of Material Design. It shows a little plus sign comprised within a circle and when you click it, it displays the full box with text, images or whatever you want to show. This snippet was created by Jeff McCarthy.

  • A gooey menu created in CSS and SVG following the Material Design guidelines. It is one of four styles of gooey menus which have similar animations. However, this circular effect makes this a bit more relevant since it can be used not only on websites but in mobile apps as well.

  • A cool material design Menu made with CSS. It appears progressively resembling goo. The element is still in version 1 so it is not quite good and the animations look a bit forced. However, you can smooth it yourself. It was created by Lucas Bebber.

  • A CSS and jQuery navigation that looks like a 3D effect when it appears. It is complemented with beautiful typography and outlined icons for major impact. It uses CSS transforms and transitions to make it smooth and neat. It can be used freely.

  • A simple interaction menu for apps that can be stretched to reveal the menu elements created with CSS and JavaScript. It reveals the menu items organized in a list, created especially for mobile devices, although it can be adapted to desktop versions of websites. It is free and it was created by Codepen user Fabrizio Bianchi.

  • A set of rollover states entirely created in CSS. They are composed of triangular menus that activate different effects when hovered over. It includes logo reveal, grow regular and opposite, rotate right and left, and grow rotate. This code snippet was created by Andy Fought, who uploaded to Codepen.

  • A notable code snippet for an off-canvas menu with flexbox created with pure CSS. It uses flexbox to control the layout and to resize the content area when the menu gets visible. Instead of overflowing the viewport and getting cut off on the right side.

    This snippet doesn’t use JavaScript at all but uses The Checkbox Hack, appeared in CSS Tricks instead. This pen was created by Zoe Gillenwater and uploaded to Codepen.

  • An interesting menu that features a contracted piece of “paper” that expands on hover by using a neat transition. After this, it displays a set of icons that can be used by the reader. Created by Nate Cohen based on a Dribbble shot by Adis Hasanic.

  • A compelling set of effects for off-canvas menus. It uses different layouts and transitions, making the overall page look awesome and coordinated, making space for actionable items in the menu and controls.

    These effects were made using CSS transitions, CSS animations made with bounce.js, and animated SVGs using Snap.svg. Additionally, the font icons used were from Font Awesome and the random users from Random User Generator. The menu effects are:

    – Top side
    – Side slide
    – Corner box
    – Nested corner box
    – Top expand
    – Corner morph
    – elastic
    – Bubble
    – Wave

    This tutorial + code snippet was created by Mary Lou from Codrops.

  • An excellent CSS menu created by Wagner Moschini with the appearance of stacked boxes. We can include it into our websites to make them more beautiful and striking, making it the main menu of a website, with the idea to drive users’ attention to it.

  • A simple and clean design for a drop-down menu made in CSS that does not distract you too much, letting you focus on the important part: the content. Talking about focus, it applies :focus to allow the menu to be closed when clicking somewhere outside. Created by CodePen user Kasper Mikiewicz.

  • A simple menu made only with CSS. It features a very light design, including just what is needed inside. On hover, our selections are highlighted in light blue, which gives the menu some needed color, although, as you know, you can always grab the code and modify it at will.

  • A CSS menu that provides an elegant, smooth interface for your website. It is fully animated, displaying movement at every click or hover. The shadow effects found in every button accentuate the sober look it projects while staying dynamic, attractive and not boring at all.

  • A colorful CSS menu design by Ryan Bishop that provides a pleasant view of options. Each option highlights with a slightly darker tone on hover, however, the effect is not as responsive as we’d like, in any case, when working at the right speed this tool is more than capable.

  • A smooth and adaptable menu that will adapt to different screens and provide quick access to several levels of selections. It was created by Micah Godbolt and uploaded to CodePen.

  • A responsive, multi-level, animated menu made with CSS that will allow us to display many options with an intelligent use of space, in any device. The great part about this menu is its ability to display the next level without growing larger, but just putting the current info on top of the previous one.

  • A stylish CSS menu inspired by the one seen on YouTube’s left side. When clicking on the initial element, a fast, sharp animation marks the opening of a dropdown that displays all the options available. This example features a beautiful design with bright colors and attractive icons, that you might want to keep.

  • A good-looking menu for smartphones or tablets made with CSS3. They can be used as little sidebars or widgets on your desktop websites. CSS3’s box-shadow and linear gradient effects are the only ones used in this article, to very likeable results.

  • A CSS code snippet example that features a simple menu. When you hover over or click one of the buttons, it shows different submenus. It is meant to be used as a drop-down bar for a mobile or regular website. You can edit the HTML to add more elements, the CSS to modify its appearance and the JS for improving the functionality.

  • A gorgeous CSS drop-down menu with loads of details that enhance its overall look to a high standard. It features a transparency for the background and the drop-down itself, a smooth animation to bring the lists when clicking on the main element and a cool highlight when hovering.

  • A light, yet strong CSS navigation menu with cool hover and active effects, as well as clean, white style that includes smooth shadows. Once we click on a button, it animates and stays pressed, just like the buttons in an old stereo player (do you young kids know what those were, anyway?).

  • A neat navigation bar features a dark skin with colorful details on the bottom of each option. When clicking on the elements, they animate towards the background with a nice shadow that helps accentuate the effect. Designed with pure CSS by Thibaut.

  • A vertical menu design with only HTML and CSS3. It includes some new CSS properties that might only be supported with the latest browsers, so keep that in mind when implementing it. Also, it features an attractive set of animations and multi-level navigation.

  • A beautiful mailbox menu design created by Marco Biedermann from CSSDeck. It showcases a flat, simple design with highlighted notifications and an expandable “more” button, although it isn’t active in this demo. Moreover, there is a neat set of icons accompanying the interface.

  • An amazing menu that comes boosted with a number of very useful options that make it versatile and attractive. Is responsive design has three different layouts depending on the screen size, including a tablet-optimized version. Also, it is Retina-ready, this is achieved by using an icon font instead of images to avoid pixelation when zooming in.

  • A fixed CSS and jQuery menu that will follow users as they scroll down the page, but fading out to the point where it is almost invisible. The menu will come back to its usual shape only when the reader hovers over it.

  • A scrolling menu created with jQuery and CSS. The menu has a very long list of elements on a medium sized box, which scrolls up and down as we hover on the respective section, all done with supremely smooth movements.

  • A large drop-down menu inspired in the one found at Microsoft’s website. Useful for displaying vast amounts of options without draining all the space available. Also, it’s possible to adjust the menu in order to use it with smaller screens and devices.

  • An awesome CSS menu effect that resembles a sliding or “lavalamp” menus. We will go through three different examples with their own style and animations, everything (including the transitions) is created with only CSS3.

  • Aleks from CodePen brings us this beautiful menu with a flat, colorful design. A great feature it offers is the possibility to resize and drag the interface with the help of jQuery, although you have to activate that yourself in the demo to see it in all its glory.

  • A very cool menu created in CSS by Billy Crist from CodePen. All you need to do is hover over the main menu icon, this will trigger a beautiful and smooth animation that displays all options available around the circle. Perfect for showcasing short or basic info in a tight space.

  • A rebound of a Dribbble shot by Rovane Durso, made with CSS and uploaded to CSSDeck by LukyVj. This menu features a minimalistic interface with a very pleasant color palette and a nice set of icons. Also, we get the possibility of displaying notifications, definitely a must for a mailbox interface.

  • A menu is inspired by the Feedly app for iOS but includes some features and tweaks of its own. First, the options on the menu fade in one by one as the page loads, giving it a cool introduction. Second, the choices animate on hover, stretching a little bit to the right.

  • A truly impressive set of animated menus created with CSS3. We dispose of 10 examples with gorgeous transitions using blurs, slides, turns, zooms and more, applied either alone or in combination. If you want to have a good looking site with awesome menus, you won’t find many choices better than this.

  • CodePen user usf has created this simple and stylish CSS menu with useful icons for profile and message managing. It is responsive, contracting and expanding the icon descriptions accordingly.

  • A nice jQuery and CSS plugin made by Mary Lou from Codrops. It helps you create a menu formed by floating circles. One main element will display options that, when hovered, will have a smaller circle complementing the information. It is created using the jQuery.path plugin for the animations.

  • A beautifully styled CSS3 menu with animated circles. The idea is to have a big element floating around that releases smaller ones when we hover over it. While the process happens, the elements spin and move in an attractive manner thanks to the nicely applied transitions.

  • A simple and clean menu that applies a clever dynamic in the way it displays options to the user. First, they need to click on the desired selection and then, the rest will be displayed by just hovering over them. Created by John W. Long from CodePen.

  • A nicely styled menu that displays options after a well-worked slide animation that moves the whole page to the side. It is mostly intended to be used with mobiles, however, it produces a pleasant result in desktops. It is built with CSS (SASS) and a bit of jQuery.

  • A cool experiment that uses only CSS with their option for radial menus. Based on an older pen, this is a recreation of that original project. The menu starts at the top corner and, making use of a transition, it displays a set of selections on hover. It was uploaded by Codepen’s user Anonasaurus Rex.

  • A CSS interaction that triggers an animation that will move the page to the side and introduce a set of options that will fade in one by one in a stylish manner. By using the :checked pseudo-element, we can design a mobile menu that slides out when clicking on the button placed on the top corner.

  • A neat set of experimental buttons that expand when clicked, displaying a transparency effect. If the cursor is placed on top of the buttons, they will change slightly to signify they are being hovered on. Created by CodePen’s Bennett Feely using CSS only.

  • A cool experiment generates a menu with a neat flat design and interesting animation effects. When hovered over, the items will perform a smooth transition as the corresponding icon spins around itself. Created by user Jitendra from CodePen using HTML and CSS.

  • A code snippet based on other pieces of work, it creates a nice menu with smooth transitions. It starts as a regular page with a button on the side; when clicking on this button, a lateral menu comes up, moving the entire page. It is a responsive design, so it can be used in handheld devices, as well.

  • A responsive menu made in CSS intended for displaying options in a clean and non-distractive manner. We can also include toggle options and a cool set of icons better suited for customization settings, but, as you know, you can always make a few tweaks to match your needs and style.

  • A rather simple vertical menu inspired in Facebook’s mobile app. When hovering over an element on the list, a subtle animation moves the element to the right. This can be accomplished with the help of CSS3 and its transition property, which, unfortunately, is not yet supported on IE and Opera.

  • A sleek menu by CSS Deck user José Barcelon-Godfrey. He provides a nicely designed menu with smooth hover animations that show a description of the option we are highlighting along with a pretty background picture. Webkit browsers are recommended in order to get the most out of this tool.

  • Kirill Zakharov provides a quick coded version of his own Dribbble shot. This stylish and clean menu provides some subtle, yet very satisfying shadow effects on hover along with some self-explanatory icons that reveal the menu’s presence as a more social-oriented tool.

  • A concept that enables multi-level navigation through a sliding animation, made in CSS. This allows the exploration of unlimited amounts of options within the same space, at the expense of some speed, since a click is needed each time the user wants to go back a screen.

  • A project that takes advantage of a few CSS3 properties to make animated “slats” that roll down to appear, creating a really nice effect. The slats receive a 3D transform effect in order to look the way they do while animation and keyframe properties are also applied. Remember this tool only works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  • This navigation menu is a remake of the one created by Sohtanaka, but with the difference that the original was made with jQuery, whereas this one is created with pure CSS, although the concept remains exactly the same. It features a nice animation when hovering over its options. Designed by CSS Deck user Taufik Nurrohman.

  • A fantastic 3D vertical menu with a sleek animation made in CSS. It is formed by a set of boxes that spin to the right on hover, this spin is not made without the wonderful 3D animation that makes it stand out, with the edges of the box clearly coming out of the design. Created by Joshua Hibbert from CSS Deck.

  • Johnius from CodePen has developed this gorgeous bar for profile management called “I’m on the flat diet” based on an original design by Robert Van Klinken and made in pure CSS. It matches pretty well with other websites given its simple and laid-back design. Also, the markup was made by Johnny Concent.

  • A good-looking, flat drop-down menu created with HTML and CSS. It is responsive, meaning it will react and adjust its size on any type of screen and device. Its main advantage is represented by some great performance given its lack of animations and simple design.

  • A navigation menu created by CodePen’s Marcello Africano. Styled with bright colors, it highlights elements on hover with a bar at the bottom of the selection, making use of a super smooth animation. Everything you see in the demo is coded with CSS.

  • A responsive menu adapts to different screen sizes by displaying its content in two ways: On big screens, it shows the icons along with the description of every element. On smaller displays, it only shows the main icons and reveals the descriptions on hover. Created by Sara Soueidan and uploaded to CodePen.

  • An attractive menu developed with pure CSS. It features an impressive effect that makes panels “swing” in order to show the submenus when hovering, this is achieved by taking advantage of CSS keyframe animations. Uploaded to CodePen by Seth Abbott.

  • Jeremy T has developed this good-looking slide out menu based on the jPanelMenu plugin. The idea behind this is pretty simple: We place a button on the upper corner of the screen that when clicked, triggers an animation that slides out a menu. The rest of the page moves and adjusts its content to fit in the screen.

  • A very appealing CSS menu uploaded to CodePen by the talented Sara Soueidan. Showcasing a sober, elegant look, this menu highlights hovered options with a fancy neon-like effect that lights up the icons. When pressing on the buttons, they display a delightful shadow effect, too.

  • A centered group of colorful icons with smooth slide animations made in CSS. It features mouseover effects for big screens and focus effects for smaller devices. As a fun little detail, an extra menu can be seen after entering the famous Konami code.

  • A responsive menu that includes dropdowns on the design, created with pure CSS3. The elements on the menu are intended to resemble those on the periodic table. This menu was made and also uploaded to CodePen by the user Jeremy Cloutier.

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    • Red, you guys are doing a great job, you are on my google reader ;) I'll love to have a guest post by you, even a small one :)
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