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Submit Your Blog & RSS To These 200 Sites

As we all know, blogs are one of the growing powers on web, having this days specialized guys known as bloggers behind them. There are many ways to increase your blog’s traffic, which is the ultimate goal behind every blog on the web, for start, there is the SEO (search engine optimization) that guides the developers towards the implementation of more friendly websites; there is also the link baiting, which is the process by which people tend to place links inside their websites that connects to the ones that are placing the bait, usually this is done through downloadable links or offers.

On the other hand we find the RSS element, which is an standard developed after several years that helps people to organize and find information in a single place, so it’s important to let everyone know that your website offers a RSS service and that’s why there is both RSS and blog directories. Regarding the blogs, we can also use the blogroll link swapping for promotion, where a link exchange is done, so both parts get benefit, usually giving something to each other. But definitively there is nothing easier and cost effective to help you promote your blog and/or RSS feeders than the directories, which is the central subject of this article. We will be reviewing some of the essential places where you can submit your blog and/or RSS feeder.

Blog directories

On blog directories you will find the perfect opportunity to promote your site along with other people’s blogs. It’s a nice way to compete by showing your work and let everyone to familiarize with you.

1. Best of the Web Blogs


When we began this countdown, we found Best of the Web Blogs, a directory where you can send your blog, regardless of topic, you only need to create an account. The website offers a free 30 days trial to advertise your blog, after that, you need to pay to go on.

2. Bloggeries


For around 40 bucks, you can submit your blog to this guys. You will be entering to a large collection of blogs, covering different themes and aesthetics.

3. Eatonweb


Complete website, extended categories and featured blogs. There’s no better prove of success than the list of fastest gainers.

4. Ontoplist


This website offers a lot of tools to help you promote your blog. You can write articles to let everyone know your writing skills, you can also control the traffic increase from the moment you submit your blog to the site, some other tools are available, all focused to assist you.

5. Blogged


An excellent submission site. News is the key word of Blogged, all the news coming from the submitted blogs are featured. But in any case, the best thing about this page is that there’s no charge, you only need to submit and wait for their team to approve your submission.

6. Blog Search Engine


Every day new blogs are featured on this site, through a ranking system you can tell which ones are the nicest blogs for the community, you can register and submit your website by having a PayPal account.

7. Globe of Blogs


Another free service that with a very simple interface has been able to reunite over 60.000 blogs from all over the world, it’s not a casualty that they’re evaluated with a PR 5.

8. Britblog


A directory that focuses on receiving submissions from all of the UK, clean and organized interface.

9. Blog Universe


A raising website where many bloggers have been starting to submit their works.

10. Bloggernity


Once you create an account, you can submit your blog to be approved by their team.

11. Bloggapedia


You can apply for a premium account or simply submit your blog at no cost, which can provide you some great results.

12. SpillBean


Spillbean is a blog directory where many blogs have found their place, maybe it´s yours too.

13. Blogging Fusion


There is no free service, but it´s a safe bet to submit to this directory.

14. Blogflux


Another blog directory that can help you out during the promotion phase.

15. Blog Listing


You can submit your blog regardless of theme, both free and premium submissions are available.

16. Blog Explosion


Plenty of tools are offered to the site´s members, from traffic control to banners adding.

17. Blox


One of Poland’s top sites when the theme of discussion is blog directories.

18. Blogalaxia


For all the Spanish speaking bloggers, here is a directory made for you all.

19. Technorati


One of the most popular blog directories on the web, a must-seen place.

20. Search for Blogs


A simple directory to submit your blog, they are featuring different blogs every day covering plenty of topics.

21. Wil’s Domain


On Wil’s Domain you will find from job offers to blog archives, this website is a large base of information.

22. Rubhub


Currently there are just a few many sites subscribed, but hopefully this directory grows bigger on the next months.

23. Blog Directory


After paying between 20 and 40 USD, you can submit your blog to this website, hopefully the inversion it’s worth it.

24. Blog Directory UK


Another blog directory, you can pay for a lifetime regular listing or 1 year featured listing.

25. IceRocket


A blog search engine, also with the option of letting you submitting your blog.

26. The Truth Laid Bear


Many blog communities are formed on this site, perhaps your blog belongs to one of those.

27. Blogrankings


Nice website for you to send your blog, love the site’s aesthetic.

28. Blogs Rater


This is a good directory to submit your blog at no cost.

29. Blogging Fusion


A paid service where people can submit their blogs in order to increase their traffic.

30. BlogoWogo


This is a great site, it’s not only a blog directory but a whole community, you can create your account to start sharing with different user.

31. The Weblog Review


A professional website focused on publishing blogs covering many topics.

32. TopBlogArea


Awesome interface, we are sure that this blog is a nice selection to submit a design blog.

33. Blog Explosion


If you’re looking to explode your Blog’s traffic, this is one of the best places to do it.

34. Blog Sweet


An optimized site for blog searches and submissions.

35. Blogz


The place to look for blogs, RSS feeds and more. Also you can submit your stuff.

36. Get Blogs


A powerful blog directory that also fills the task of being a blog search engine.

37. Total Blog Directory


Simple website, elegant interface, nice performance.

38. Photarium


Another blog directory that’s gathering a great amount of bloggers and designers.

39. blogLinker


Another useful tool for increasing your web’s traffic.

40. blogskinny


One more blog directory that will help you out on promoting your website.

41. the ageless project


The ageless project reunites bloggers that have been active for several years, the idea of this website it’s to create a time line around blogs.

42. BlogPulse


Great website, more than just a directory, you should take some time to check this site.

43. WP Blogs


Probably the most complete WordPress powered blog directory on the web.

44. Blog Rate Directory


Forum, FAQ, tools and many more elements can be found on this directory.

45. Blog Dire


A very simple website featuring more than 500 blogs, feel free to check it out.

46. Blogville


This is the city of blogs, as its name suggest it, this site’s population is composed primary but bloggers.

47. loadedweb


This site is currently covering blogs from USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, coming soon they will be extending their coverage to the rest of Europe.

48. Top of Blogs


Many great blogs are currently submitting to the beta version of this site, perhaps you should submit yours.

49. OnTopList


A nice website to start improving your website’s traffic.

50. Web-dir


Since 2003, this website has been providing a top quality service to all bloggers around.

51. Blog Rankers


I like this site, it’s fresh, functional and attractive.

52. CEO Blogger


A blog directory focused on the best business and transactions blogs around.

53. Placeblogger


The nice thing about this directory is that it centers around finding blogs locations all over the world.

54. regator


Great stuff can be found on regator, a complete blog directory.

55. TopBlogLists


A website that features their submitted blogs inside their ranking, so it must be a quality content blog.

56. blogger’s choice awards


The biggest contest for bloggers, people’s choice determine the best of the best inside the blog world.

57. blog001


A top quality blog, all blogs are categorized through plenty of categories.

58. Liquida


News, opinions, a whole community built around the blogosphere.

59. BlogCatalog


Create an account, start sharing with other blogs.

60. Blogarama


A cute little website, it has almost everything to become a well known blog directory.

61. Blogpoint


This guys are trying to establish a straight communication channel between blogs and their readers.

62. BlogsByCity


A blog directory to find contents closer to different cities globally.

63. Blogit


The goodie about Blogit is that is built for both readers and writers.

64. Blog Flux


There is always something new to find in Blogflux, a directory that contains more than 150.000 blogs subscribed.

65. BlogListing


What I like about this site is that they still use the original word, weblog.

66. Add URL


And one more blog directory, simple and effective.

67. Blogs By Country


Useful blog directory to make searches by countries and specific locations.

68. Blog Hints


Powerful blog directory and search engine.

69. A1WebLinks


Many websites can be find while searching on this blog directory.

70. SpillBean


Nice blog search directory, create an account in order to submit your site.

71. Blogadr


And the countdown continues, here’s another good blog directory.

72. Submitblognow


This is a general blog directory or web index of selected blogs.

73. Quick Blog Directory


And here’s another good blog directory.

74. Flookie


This Blog Search is search engine friendly and provides one of the best marketing avenue for your blogging needs.

75. Blogbar


Listing top quality blogs is the number one priority of this blog directory.

76. MV Blogs


Over 900 active links and more than 1000 pending are currently on this site.

77. The Vital


The Vital is a searchable, categorized directory of blog and news sites.

78. Minnesota


A meeting point for all bloggers in the Minnesota area.

79. Rate It All


If you want to start rating blogs, this is the place.

80. My Blog Directory


And for submitting blogs, this may be an interesting choice.

81. enQuira


Many categories, even more blogs, good directory.

82. Boosterblog


Boosterblog is one the newest blog directories on the web.

83. Find Blogs


An extended data base of weblogs, more than 100.000.

84. Blog


Quality blog directory featuring some unique weblogs.

85. Blogshaven


Blogshaven is a quality blog directory that will help your blog gain higher search engine results.

86. BlogUniverse


BlogUniverse is a project to gather all bloggers at one place and categorize them

87. LS Blogs


This is actually not a regular blog directory but a blog directory that reunites other directories.

88. Blogs Ready


There’s no submission form, to get featured on this site you need to verify that you have pasted their code inside your site.

89. BlogDirs


You can search through directory categories or through search box on this site.

90. Delightful Blogs


More than 3200 blogs submitted, the only requirement is your blog to be at least 3 months old.

91. Blog on USA


The initial idea of this site was to review and choose the best blogs on the US for a wide range of topics, and give them an award.

92. Best of the Blogosphere


A WordPress powered blog directory featuring some of the nicest blogs out there.

93. BlogTopList


Great amount of traffic can be achieved from registering to this website.

94. Blog Top Sites


One of the most important blog directories of the web, make sure to submit your blog.

95. Blog Folders


An extend blog directory featuring many good sites.

96. Blogger HQ


Powered by Virgin Casino, this site offers a blog submission service at low cost.

97. Blogification


This is a web blog directory organized by categories that offers a large collection of the best blogs.

98. Blog Finds


A powerful blog directory and finder, many blogs can be find here.

99. Blog Web Directory


A well source for finding blogs on the web, it also offers the chance of submitting.

100. Blog Announce


A quality site for submitting your blog, it guarantees an increase of your site’s traffic after registering.

101. Blog


This site’s aim is helping bloggers to promote their blogs and attract more blog readers.

102. My Blog 2U


Useful blog directory and blog search engine.

103. BlogTagstic


You can always try to search for blogs using tags, and this guys are aware of that.

104. Blurb Blog Directory


The Blurb Bloggers Directory is a SEO friendly web directory consisting of all kinds of blogs.

105. Blog-directory


There’s a huge amount of blogs inside this ever growing blog directory.

106. Bloggers Directory


Bloggers Directory is organized by country to cater and easily distinguish local bloggers and website owners.

107. Blog Search


Here you can search for a blog, add your own blog or grab an RSS feed on the blog topic of your choice.

108. Blogs Rating


In their own words, keeps you updated with most wanted, raved about blogs in all different niches and aspects of human life and being.

109. GeekySpeaky


Another blog directory with a peculiar and catchy name.

110. B.Collection


Very simple interface but fully functional in terms of blog submissions service.

111. BestBlogs


A cool website for you to start submitting your blogs.

112. ShoutyourSite


Register for free, submit your blog, start getting more traffic.

113. Blogs Collection


A directory devote to providing a list to blogs in categories of interest.

114. Top100 Bloggers


One of the greatest things about this site is the way they have of displaying their blogs ranking.

115. Bloggernow


A must-seen weblog directory, a well done place for all of us bloggers.

116. Bloggings Most Wanted


Tips, reviews, quality articles, submission service and more.

117. Top Blogs


Lot of categories and blogs together in a single place.

118. Your Blog Index


For all of you out there with blogs to promote your company, share your hobbies with others, or just to have some fun.

119. Blog Village


A good place for start sharing your blog with the web community.

120. Alot of Blogs


Many blogs, a lot of bloggers and of course, a growing community.

121. Ave Blogs


A daily source about blogging and their bloggers in charge.

122. Blogger Tips


This blog directory is 100% human-edited and SEO friendly.

123. BlogMeeting


A web source of the best blogs and websites around the world.

124. Blog Popular


BlogPopular is an online blog directory which contains all links about blogs.

125. BlogIntro


Introduce your blog, start bringing readers and blogs together.

126. Blogs Root


Another blog directory, ready for submission.

127. BlogZoop


There is some great resources down here for all the bloggers.

128. Buzzer Hut


A large collection of sites, useful blog directory for everyone.

129. Chris’ Blog List


The goal of this blog directory is to help you get traffic to your blog without having to sign up for an account.

130. World Blog Directory


Very subtle website, but still functional.

131. Million Blog List


This site looks like a Wiki, I think that’s a pretty cool idea.

132. PHP Blog Manager


A web manager for submit PHP blog contents.

133. TopBlogging


Top of the blogs in terms of quality, so it may be a good opportunity for you.

134. BlogSiteList


This Directory only accepts blogs and blog related site only.

135. BLOGbal


As they say, their mission is to help bloggers from around the globe get more exposure.

136. Blog Universe

And here’s another blog directory just for you.

137. Blogging List


Free blog directory, just fill the contact form and paste their code inside your blog.

138. Link – Blogs


To get your blog listed here you have to comment here the required information, including a reciprocal link.

139. Spread my blog


50 random blogs will be shown with every reload, offering you a view into the lives of people you never knew existed.

140. Creative Blogs


Creative Blogs is a nice site to find great blog contents and resources.

141. A Blogin


A Blogin is a free online blog directory to add the URL of your blog site and get more exposure and visibility for your content.

142. BlogDir


This site is a human edited blog directory where you can browse, review and vote hundreds of blogs and also submit the URL of your own blog site to achieve more visibility for your own content.

RSS directories

RSS directories are destined to gather all the RSS feeders from different websites so people can easily access to information. It’s a nice way to promote your website without spending too much time.

143. Millions RSS


More than a million website are being currently hosted at this directory, maybe that’s the reason for the site’s name.

144. RSSbuffet


A RSS directory featuring update contents all the time.

145. RSS Feeds


A middle East website where you can submit your RSS feeder, the only problem is the language.

146. Keegy


Colombian directory with compatibility with other languages, including English. The website’s still on its beta phase.

147. Feedzie


Feedzie is an elegant and cute website that works both as a blog directory and as a search engine.

148. Mapped up


Still on its beta version, Mapped up is a nice selection to browse and submit RSS contents.

149. FeedSee


I know it, everything enters through the eyes, even RSS.

150. Feeds4all


Unfortunately due to the crescent presence of spammers, they decided to remove the submissions area, but you can still be featured by sending them an email.

151. RSSMountain


Fill the contact form in order to start submitting RSS feeders.

152. RedTram News


Pretty serious website, you cannot just post your links, you need to pass by an initial analysis from their team.

153. RSS Reader


One of the good points of this site is the compatibility with 7 different languages.

154. News Now


A news feed website that displays RSS feeders from many websites.

155. The Free Dictionary


Plenty of sites have submitted their RSS feeders to this directory, you’re next.

156. BlogBurst


Major bloggers have their RSS feeders submitted to this directory.

157. Plazoo


Plazoo is a German website (English available) to post your RSS feeder.

158. Feedage


More than a directory, this sites offers you even a code assistance to track your RSS visits.

159. Overskrift


A Denmark based directory, feel free to submit if you can understand Danish.

160. URL Fan


A place where popularity it’s all that matters, check how popular your website is.

161. Rapid feeds


Although it’s still on its beta phase, this website is turning into an interesting choice.

162. FeedAgg


After submitting your RSS feeder, you will receive a code to add this website badge to your site.

163. Chordata


Chordata it’s a quality directory where you can submit your RSS feeder by just signing up to an account.

164. RSS Top 10


Another RSS directory that deserves to be mentioned.

165. LeighRSS


Easy navigation, simple directory.

166. It’s My News


This website is great, it’s very easy to submit your RSS feeder, no problem at all.

167. RSS Feeds Submission


A classic interface with full functionality, ready to submit your RSS feeder.

168. RSSMotron


Plenty of categories, well organized to fit into every RSS submitter needs.

169. Feedest


Welcome to the party, feedest welcomes you. Full connectivity with your Digg, SU and Delicious accounts.

170. The Golden RSS Feed


Great RSS directory, easy to handle and pay free.

171. Feedfury


Feedfury has arrived, it’s waiting for your submission.

172. Feedgy


Powerful RSS engine, it covers both the RSS finder function and the RSS submissions service.

173. Blogoculars


Once your account request has been approved by the site’s staff, you can fully send your RSS feeder.

174. Feedbite


Many RSS feeders are currently submerged under this large collection of websites.

175. TopSites Directory


Top sites should be present on this site, which means that yours is already on it.

176. Xmeta


The nicest thing about this website is its simplicity, it’s easy to submit your RSS feeders.

177. Free Feeds Directory


A place of ideas, where every one can send their websites.

178. FeedPlex


Another directory to submit RSS feeders.

179. FeedListing


No registration needed, you need to simply fulfill a form field prior submitting your contents.

180. All RSS Feed Directory


These guys don’t even think about design, they only focus on providing a great RSS directory service.

181. Bad RSS


After the registration process, you can proceed submitting your RSS feeder easily.

182. metaFeeder


On metaFeeder, submit your feeders it’s an easy thing to do.

183. URLZ Blog Directory


184. Dir Next


Although is a paid service, the results of submitting to this site are certainly good.

185. RSS Mob


All the mob is sending their RSS feeders, maybe it’s a good idea to do the same.

186. RSS Orange


Another good site for you to submit your RSS feeders.

187. Wingee


You need to have a PayPal account to be able of sending your RSS feeder.

188. 1800 RSS Feeds


Great RSS feeders have been submitted to this website.

189. HeadlineDepot


A nice tool to make your RSS submission.

190. Malatya


Another add to our countdown, useful RSS directory.

191. RSS Feeds Directory


Great and elegant interface, plenty of websites are submitted here, a recommended directory.

192. WeBlogALot


It looks like a Blog directory but actually it’s a RSS website, you can promote your blog by sending the RSS address.

193. RDG-Ticker


RDF-Ticker is a newsticker application which fetches news from RDF/RSS-feeds and displays them on a ticker-bar.

194. Syndic8


This is the place to come to find RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics.

195. SolarWarp


RSS directory. Regularly updated summaries of web content from publishers around the globe.

196. Scribnia


Scribnia is the source for reader reviews of the web’s bloggers and developers.

197. Chordata


Top quality RSS feeders and resources.

198. Feed Shark


Feed Shark is a free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website, a recommended site.

Blog/RSS directories

This kind of websites allows people send either their blogs or the RSS feeders to those blogs, these are great websites although it’s not usual to find them.

199. RSS Hugger


There is nothing like a big hug, specially from people that supports you via RSS.

200. blogBunch


This site works as blog directory but in order to submit you must provide your RSS address, that’s why we put it in this section.

OK, now we have reached the end of this countdown, we hope that you can find useful many of these web directories once you decide to start promoting your blog and / or its RSS feeder, please let us know of other sites that did not passed the cut, coming soon more great articles and reviews.

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