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Best Feedback Tools

Each time you buy or sell something, either it’s material or not, you have the chance to leave feedback regarding your experience while making that transaction.

Feedback consists of a positive, negative, or neutral rating, along with a short comment regarding the topic in question. Both buyers and sellers build their reputations based on all the ratings and comments (feedback) left by their trading partners. This information is available in each member’s feedback Profile. Positive feedback tells buyers that they’re doing the things right, while the negative Feedback shows them that there are some remaining things to improve. On this countdown, we will be listing some of the most helpful websites that can offer you a complete feedback service, both free / pay and hosted / hosting.


1. User Voice


One of the best feedback sites around is User Voice. For start, you must register on the site either through a web 2.0 account or directly on the website. You have the option of begin with a free account so you can check the service and then decide if and then decide whether to stay with the free account or purchase a premium, whose prices range from 19 to 589 US per month. The website possesses a sober design, consisting on a orange-white-black palette mainly, it’s also easy to navigate either from the footer or the header. You can also find a Help section that offers you assistance, either from the FAQ or a popup window to ask questions in real time to the administrators of the site. You can select between different languages, including Spanish and French, also to give you an idea of how this company works, we can say that they have worked with companies such as Nokia, Sony BMG, Random House, SUN Microsystems and

In terms of its operation, after you create an account or sign in through one through one of your web 2.0 accounts, you must integrate UserVoice to your website by pasting some code lines inside your site. Uservoice installs itself on your site allowing customers to leave a message from that moment, also to vote and receive responses from you once you have checked the feedback. Between the benefits we could find on this page we highlight the complete assistance service, the great amount of utilities and the easy way to use it. But as every single thing, this website have some good and bad aspects, being some of the bad ones the fact that the free account doesn’t ensure you a good feedback, ‘cause that only happens by purchasing the premium accounts.

2. Deskpro


Deskpro is a website that allows you to complete manage the feedback that your clients leave you in an organized and fast way. You need to register your email to start receiving their benefits, which includes some pretty cool plug-ins that you can download and install. One of the best things of Deskpro is that is a free service, with plenty of tools; If you need assistance, you can reach for the documentation section or use the live chat service. In terms of design, it’s not the greatest site in the world, but it fulfills its function. At this moment there is only English available, we hope that in the future they provide us with other languages. After you have subscribed, you must download the Deskpro application and then you start inviting your customers to use the different tools. A bad aspect we found is the confusing that the site may generate in the user, because they are not quite clear about how the application works.

3. Getsatisfaction


This sites works very similar to User Voice. You start creating an account or logging in through one of your web 2.0 accounts, then you decide which plan fits the best to your needs, from the free account to the Enterprise, that exceeds the 289 US per month and assures you a lot of benefits. It’s easy to use but if anyway you find yourself in problems, you will always find a complete support and documentation section, also you can contact the personal via phone or clicking on the help menu at the bottom of the site.. This service its only available in English for the moment, but we hope that to change in a while. Some of the companies they are currently working with are VISA, Microsoft, Nike, foursquare, rockyou and Tide.

To use the services of this site, after creating and account and chose between the different plans, you can create an add inside your site and/or social networks which helps you to star communicating with your costumers and peers. We found similar benefits in this site to the one User Voice has to offer, well as negative aspects regarding the price and language.

4. Zendesk


Zendesk is a hosted service that integrates inside your website and allows you to start communicating with the audience. Unlike some of the sites we have mentioned this far, Zendesk has no connectivity to the web 2.0 sites and only allows the user to register by simply creating and account and a site address. At first you can start with a free 30 day trial, but then you need to purchase a premium account, whose prices can range from 9 to 59 US per month.

If you need assistance, you can look for it from the Support window, where you can check inside the FAQ items or submit a request. In terms of graphic design, green color can be sense in every window, generating a strong color identity, reinforced with a simple but effective diagramming. For the moment this service is only available in English and hosted, which means that the website keeps control over your site. One of the problems we found when searching over the site was the excess of terms can confuse users and lead them to leave the site.

5. Disqus


This works by allowing you to add a comment moderator tool inside several websites, including WordPress, Blogger and of course, the ones of your own. For start, the best option they offer is to create a free account, but you can contact them to go VIP. During every part of the process you can go to the Help menu for assistance, where they have placed a complete database to assist the user. Although inside the site itself, some links are missing when you go from one window to another, anyway, the site is organized.

Some of the companies they have been working with are CNN, MTV, All Things Digital, lifescript and Mashable. For now you can only use the English version of this site, but the site deserves for you to check it due to the wide range of benefits that they offer for the free users.

6. Groupsite


If you are interested in working with Groupsite, you can start by creating a free account and then upgrade it to a mega account, which can excess the 99 US per month. The site possesses a well planned navigation system, exposed by the fact that you have access to almost every part of the site from the main window. The FAQ section provides a complete source of information, although if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always contact them for assistance.

In terms of web design, white and blue gradients through all the site allows the establishment of a defined identity, that also helps with the already mentioned navigation system. They are currently working with companies such as Accenture, Jaguars, CDC and Motor City Connect. Until now, they only have been offering the service in English. It’s funny that we consider that the website is well diagrammed but Its not very clear, because they talk about the things they offer, but they’re not consistent about how things are done.

7. Passenger


This is a social network, similar to Facebook, but private, so you can manage your own personal network, which can contain both your employees and costumers. For start, you need to send your info to get information about prizes and products and after sending it, you will get your own private community domain. The first things we realize about this site were its good interface design, nice contrast between orange and white, we also like the company logo, clean and elegant. There is not an specific help or FAQ links, but the information is complete enough to not require this two fields.

Currently they only offer their services in English, among the companies they have been working with we can name FOX, Mercedes Benz, adidas, Starbucks and MySpace. Its an interesting choice if you like to work with social networks.

8. Kampyle


Kampyle is a feedback site that offers you a hosted service once you have created an account. These guys project an instant confidence by showing a few testimonials at the main window and letting you know that they have worked with companies such as Mozilla Firefox, ICQ, Clarks, O2, and the American Diabetes Association. After completing the registration process, you will receive the entire kampyle application to install on your website.

The registration prizes goes from 99 to over 999 US per month. They have a decent FAQ section, but not as complete as some other sites we studied before. In terms of design, we consider that there is too much information displayed, the font tends to make the website fell heavy. In this moment they only offer their services in English.

9. Ideascale


The site itself works as a social network, in which you have the opportunity to create a hosted space after making an account, which can start with a free one and getting up to 99 US per month accounts. We found some problems with the backtracking, but good navigability in general terms. They have a Live Help section to allow you to send your questions and suggestions. In terms of design we found some identity problems, due to the change of colors from one window to another. Although is a hosted service, you receive a lot of customization freedom inside your site.

To understand how Ideascale works, you create your personalized site within the ideascale domain. Then you can response to your costumers comments and see what they are voting for. They have been working with companies such as redhat, AVID, FC, Coldwater Creek and Microsoft. As most of the feedbacks sites we have studied they only offer their services in English.

10. Crowdsound


To use the Crowdsound services, you must create an account and then insert the application within your website or iPhone so you can start communicating with your customers and relatives. The design of the site shows some excess of information and saturation issues, but a good diagramming. In case of needing assistance you can look for answers at the FAQ window, or contact them via e-mail or phone. The pricing of this site goes from free to over 99 US per month.

Two of the main benefits we found on this website are the compatibility with the iPhone system and the wide range of languages, a total of 12 languages are available.

11. Opinionlab


We are not sure if you can connect through your Web 2.0 sites, because they require for you to make a call to access the system. After registering, a + symbol will appear next to your feedback option. That way, every time a costumer leaves you a comment, this guys will analyze it and send you a full review. Because the service is full customized, you need to contact directly the customer service. The site shows an elegant design, with a nice use of empty spaces and blank areas.

They have been working with people of Air Canada, DELL, Bank of America, ESPN, Motorola, among others. Unfortunately you can only walk across the site in its English version.

12. Feefo


After subscribing to Feefo, they took responsibility over the customer service and start contacting them, to send you later their review. They offer their services in English and German. It’s also important to notice that they have worked with companies such as Safetyshop, Abercrombie & Kent, AlbaRose, armit and Catch. The site possesses a pretty cool design, with rounded shapes all over the website.

They offer exclusive access through websites, meaning that you need to create an account none information regarding social networks is mentioned. After subscribing you can take a free trial, but in the end, you will need to pay from 99 to 499 US per month.

13. BeeHeard


Beeheard is a feedback extension for Joomla. First you need to create an account and then, as a Joomla extension, this package will offer you a large amount of prizes, from 4 to 200 US. Because it’s a downloadable extension, you can ask for assistance through the contact form or the forum. The site displays a simple design, barely the necessary to facilitate the navigation. The service comes in 6 different languages. Because it’s a downloadable application, it does not work with companies.

Once you purchased the plug-in and the extensions you want, you can proceed with the installation and finally start using it through your Joomla administrator. The main advantage of Beeheard is that its a hosting service, which means that you can download without depending of any server but yours.

14. UserEcho


You must create an account first. with prices ranging between 0 to 59 US per month. The website has a simple but effective navigation system, although you can later customize it to get along with your own website. For assistance you can access to a complete FAQ session ready to help you. They offer the service in 4 different languages, more than most of the feedback sites we have seen this far. UserEcho has worked throughout its story with Syrnia, CintaNotes, UserEcho and others.

After you have created the account and purchased a package, you will get a few code lines to paste inside your website, feel free to check this out.

15. Vox Populi by Eldos


Vox Populi is one of the few free services that you will find that offers a similar service to the one provided by the guys of User Voice. You don’t need to create an account, you only need to purchase the widget and install it on your website. We consider that their service is one of the best out there, so we highly recommend it.

Although Vox Populi is a free service, you can go and get the commercial  license, for which they can assist you in providing the fittest prize. These guys are worried in providing their customers the best customer service, and because of that, you will find more than a FAQ, you will find a complete Solution Guide. For now the service is only provided in English.

16. OpenMind


Open mind works in the following way: You download the package and install a community manager system, no registration needed. The main website is easy to use due to its simple navigation system and elegant design with organized diagramming. If you have any problem there is a FAQ section with answers to the major issues. We know that they have been working with the guys of Scribe. The service currently works only in English, we hope to see more diversity regarding this aspect on the future.

One thing we didn’t like is that they don’t show the demo ipso facto, you need to login in a server and other things, we didn’t check it.

17. Feedback


The premise of this site is very simple: People send feedback to the companies, companies read it (English only). You can create an account or sign in through your Facebook account with no charge at all. Inside the Help section you will find FAQ and some other tips.

The website in general is easy to read, with a lot of light colors on the design. Instead of keeping a customers base, every time new companies and customers are joining Feedback. You are not going to find the large amount of tools that other websites offer, but it gets compensated by the easy way to use and instant connectivity.

18. Free Feedback and Rating Script


This was not easy to find, since most of results found by searching feedback PHP are simple PHP contact forms. Feedback and Rating Script is a free script that enables you to run a feedback consisting in review and rating for each of your posts. The power of this free script lies not only in its ease of integration but also in the details of customization that are available from the web based admin area.

A lot of features are included in this package and the best thing, its charge free. You only need to download it and know some PHP to make it work. Also its important to mention that you can adjust the script to several languages. Bottom line, a very interesting selection for this countdown.

19. Reaction buttons for WordPress


The author of this plug-in describes it like this: This add on adds buttons below your posts (or somewhere else) to make it easy to get reactions to the post, but without the hassle of writing a whole comment. It makes it easier for the reader to interact with you. The buttons are configurable (how many, what text, position) and simply are counters to how often they were clicked. There is also a widget and a short code to show the top x posts with the most clicks for each button.

The plug-in only works with WordPress 3.0 and comes originally in German, but as WordPress users surely know, you can change that. Resuming, it is a nice WordPress plug-in completely free.

20. wPopularity for WordPress


The creator of this plug-in describes as a tool that helps you to determine which of your posts are most popular. There are numerical values assigned to each type of view and feedback; these are used to create a popularity score for each post. Additionally there is configurable Widget of Most Popular Post for sidebar of your Blog. The values assigned to each view and feedback type are editable and can be changed at any time. When you change any of these values, the popularity score for all posts are updated immediately to reflect the new values.

The original plug-in comes in English, but you can adjust it to your needs and works with the 2.5 version of WordPress or higher. For troubleshooting you will need to contact the plug-in author for assistance.

21. Idea Informer


Idea Informer is a new feedback website, for start, you need to submit your site to get an account on the page, then you will install a widget on your site that will allow visitors to vote and leave comments regarding your site. One of the plus is that this site is free of charge, which attracts more people than other websites. Currently the page is operating exclusively in English, hopefully they spread their wings in a short time. To the date, they have been working with companies such as Q5 Gaming and Bedford Borough Council.

OK, these you have them, 21 of the most complete and useful feedbacks services on the web. Some are free, some are not, but they all do similar things. If you know about a site that we didn’t mentioned in our countdown, please feel free to let us know about it. See you guys next time.

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