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Jeremy Keith

A website builder and expert since he discovered HTML by accident, when wanting to make a website for his band. As many, he had a lot of fun working on it, even when it was a bit confusing and frustrating at the beginning.

Born in London in 1971, Keith describes himself as passionate about traveling and talking about tech and geeky subjects. The latter two are reflected in his books, which aim to approach common people to JavaScript, DOM, AJAX and HTML5.

The first book is “DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model”, a very comprehensive guide where he guides web designers instead of developers as he is committed to bringing these resources to neophytes. He caters those who are familiarized with the CSS standards and takes them to the next level, by teaching them how to improve and add fancy elements to web pages using said standards.

His second book is “Bulletproof AJAX”; once again Jeremy’s target is the average front-end developer, who is not used to server-side programming. He teaches how to get started with AJAX in a more thorough way, a Bulletproof approach as he defines it. With this approach, the goal is building rich and specially strong applications by taking into account flexibility principles, inspired by Dan Cederholm’s book “Bulletproof Web Design”.

Finally, let’s talk about “HTML5 for Web Designers”, a publication by A Book Apart. It embraces some principles of HTML5 such as design, semantics, elements, past and present of the fifth iteration the World Wide Web unifying language. It is written in a friendly language so anyone who has a bare idea about HTML will understand the concepts on HTML5 and its importance on today’s web.

Jeremy has also participated in some articles for 24 Ways, where he has given some takes on several of the topics he has included in his books.

DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax and HTML5 for Web Designers. Three books by Jeremy Keith where he approaches basics of today’s web in an easy and accurate way.

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