MDB: Angular, React, Vue & VanillaJS Material Design Framework & Components

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MDB is a powerful UI Kit & Tools that includes a massive library of Material Design 2.0 components that make it a breeze to design websites, web apps, and mobile applications. Features hundreds of premium components, ready-made design blocks, 20+ useful plugins, enhanced grid system, eCommerce templates, Admin Dashboards, Blogs, Landing pages & more.

With a set of buttons, sliders, card titles, text fields, radios buttons, checkboxes, progress bars, toggle switches, sliders, loading indicators, navbars, and footers mean that it’s now even easier to craft your projects

Designed to save your valuable time while building modern-looking websites. To meet all the needs of web developers, MDB also offers free hosting that supports the most popular backend technologies. In a second using just a single command, it allows anyone to put their website on the server.

Regularly MDBootstrap kit with lifetime usage & unlimited project license would be priced over $1499 per year! however, with this exclusive deal you can get an MDB 5 license with a neat discount starting at $79!

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MDB Features:

  • The newest Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0
  • Hundreds of stunning components
  • Plain JavaScript (no jQuery)
  • RTL support
  • Dark mode & theming
  • CLI & Free hosting (publish to the Internet with just one command)
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Hundreds of predefined design blocks
  • Tens of plugins
  • Backend integrations (PHP, Node.js, .ASP.NET)
  • Detailed docs & multiple practical examples
  • Lots of tutorials
  • Huge and active community
  • LAB (experimental projects created by the community of MDB)
  • Design & dev tools

See the licenses available with this awesome deal here

Premium Support

  • Premium support with MDB Pro
  • Premium badge on the support forum
  • Professional answer guarantee
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Help directly on your code
  • Issue status updates
  • Issues usually resolved within 1 workday

Git access

Git makes it easier to track changes, update & collaborate on your project.

  • Access to a shared repository
  • Access to source code
  • NPM installation option
  • Team collaboration options
  • MDB CLI access & features

Unlimited updates

Continuous updates, MDB gets better every 2 weeks!

  • Update every 2 weeks
  • Detailed changelog
  • Concern for backward compatibility
  • User-friendly migration instructions
  • Unlimited downloads

See the licenses available with this awesome deal here

Premium components

Hundreds of sub components and variations

Full preview of the components available here

Design Blocks

Hundreds of design blocks

Full preview of the design blocks here


Plugins built with the latest Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0

Further details about the Plugins here


Tens of pages and variations in each of the categories below

Check out more details about the templates here

LAB projects

Inspirational concepts & experiments created by the community of MDB

Learn more about LAB Projects here!

Available MDB Plans & Licenses

MDB Single use – a license that gives you instant access to the package and documentation for use in one of your projects. It only includes their core product – the UI kit.

  • Usage for 1 domain/app
  • 1 year of Premium Access with updates every two weeks
  • Premium components
  • Updates every 2 weeks

MDB Essential – a license that meets most of the needs of web developers, guarantees building projects without restrictions using ready-made design blocks and entrusted documentation. By choosing this license, you also gain access to the git repository and everyday premium support from their development team on a dedicated forum

  • Lifetime & unlimited usage of Premium components
  • 1 year of Premium Access with Updates every 2 weeks
  • Git repository
  • npm installation
  • Code examples
  • Premium snippets
  • Premium support

MDB Advanced – the most powerful license type, thanks to which you get all the functions available in a given MDB technology

  • Lifetime usage of UI Kit
  • Unlimited projects
  • Plugins
  • Templates
  • Design blocks
  • Backend integrations
  • LAB access
  • Priority support
  • Updates every 2 weeks
  • NPM & git repo access

MDB Bundle – includes everything in the MDB Advanced license for all supported technologies!

  • Advanced Bootstrap Standard
  • Advanced jQuery
  • Advanced Angular
  • Advanced React
  • Advanced Vue

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