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SimpleCorp: Clean Template for Drupal

SimpleCorp for Drupal by More than (just) Themes is based on the SimpleCorp theme, which was designed and published by Site5. It includes 15 regions: header, navigation, top content, banner, highlighted, content, sidebar first, sidebar second, bottom content, footer first, footer second, footer third, footer fourth, footer and help. It features:

– Responsive design – Theme design is optimized for proper displaying on iPhone and iPad.

– HTML5 and CSS3.

– Simple and clean design.

– Multiple color schemes (15+ light and dark color schemes) and button color styles.

– Drupal standards compliant.

– 1, 2 and 3-column layout support.

– Superfish module support.

– Multiple theme-settings and extra shortcodes.

– Flexslider Slideshow and JCarousel implementations.

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