Top 16 Best 3D Character & Icon Packs You’ll Want to Have in Your Collection

Last update on Oct 05, 2023 by Juan Pablo Sarmiento
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To talk about new trends that are taking over is to talk about 3D illustrations for web and graphic design. Illustration as a graphic resource has been utilized for many years, yet nowadays we see how the humanization of design has become one of the biggest bets in the industry, and with this, the popularity of hyper-realistic illustrations that bring your regular 2D visuals to life.

Having 3D elements means that, when visualizing objects in a given space, they exist and move in 3 dimensions: depth, width, and height. By implementing this technique we seek to play carefully with light, shadows, reflections, and textures to create an amplified sense of reality that would not be achievable by using flat images and graphics.

Why you should use 3D elements in your designs

Although trends tend to come and go, this does not seem to be the case for the use of 3D any time soon. The popularity of 3-Dimensional design continues to increase, and these are some of the reasons why:

  • Draw attention: 3D design is more eye-catching, inspiring, and engaging than flat, two-dimensional design.
  • Higher interaction: Thanks to the sense of reality it provides, using 3D designs encourages users to interact more with the product, in whatever format.
  • Bring professionalism to your project: Having highly detailed elements in your project inspires reliability and shows that it took time and effort to create.
  • Increase in income: The last three points translate into more loyal customers using and investing in your products in you in the long run.

And while initially the use of 3D graphics was limited to creative industries such as movies, animation, virtual reality, gaming, or architecture; today it’s totally possible to find eye-catching resources that are either designed for or adaptable to almost all fields, making it possible for a ton of industries to benefit from them!

Now that you know why 3D graphics are setting the trend, you’ll definitely want to incorporate a few character designs that will give your project a boost of personality to stand out.

Here’s a curated list of amazing 3D character packs that will be absolute game-changers:


3D Icons Collection by Iconshock

a gallery of eight different colorful 3d illustration icons
Easily one of the best collections of 3D icons, created by Iconshock.

  • Over 4000 3D icons & 3D characters
  • Front & Perspective Views in 4K resolution
  • Figma file included to customize colors
  • Five Different Color Palettes
  • Designed in real 3D models & software
  • Carefully designed details
  • New icons added every single week


3D Characters & Scenes Pack – High-Resolution Isolated Characters & Compositions

a 3d illustration of a character on top of a rocket ship

This collection of 3D characters & objects features over 100 illustrations in a neat, soft 3D design style, delivered in high-resolution transparent PNG files.

Design style

This pack contains 3D characters illustrated in a slightly cartoonish style, moving away from the hyper-realistic style by using exaggerated features such as the size of the feet, arms, and the separation of the head.

In terms of color, you’ll find a well-defined color palette with a predominance of blues, purples, and oranges in different shades. The fact that all the illustrations play with the same colors will allow you to mix and match different elements while maintaining visual coherence and consistent designs.

What can you use it for

To get the most out of these designs, we recommend that you use this collection to:

  • Humanize internal corporate communication designs.
  • Create captivating spots for e-commerce.
  • Spice up your business team meetings and presentations.


3D Cartoon Characters Pack – Over 120 Characters & Objects with Front & Perspective Views

3d illustration of a full-body character next to a detailed view of its face design

Here’s a pack of 3D cartoon characters with over 120 assets for scene creation, including isolated 3D kid & adult characters as well as 3D objects with front & perspective views.

Design style

If you are looking for a hybrid between caricature with a realistic look, then this is the perfect pack for you! You’ll find characters with a unique style, almost as if they were made of modeling clay, but with a smooth 3D design style.

The characters and objects are made in a wide variety of vibrant colors that go all the way through the color wheel, so you’ll surely have no problem finding a character that suits your project’s visual identity the best.

What can you use it for

One of the best things about this pack is that it can be used for all kinds of projects and industries, as it has so many elements and characters taking on a bunch of different activities. Think of web banners, ad content, hero images, or branding, you name it!

This design’s more likely to be an absolute hit with children and youth audiences due to its fresh and fun illustration style.


3D PNG Pack – 3D Characters, 3D Icons & 3D Lettering Alphabet Designs

gallery of six 3d illustrated career characters

This is a massive bundle from Artify featuring over 1500 3D style design assets including 3D characters featuring many different professions, genders & ethnicities, and a complete 3D lettering toolkit with 5 different 3D alphabet styles and 260+ premade 3D lettering quotes

Design style

With a semi-realistic illustration style and a similar look to clay modeling, you get a wide variety of over 2,000 3D diverse elements that can be perfectly matched with each other as they all keep the same style.

The icon packs have 2 points of view, front, and perspective, which you can modify with 5 different color palettes!

What can you use it for

This pack with such a diversity of characters performing different activities and professions fits almost every industry for branding design, whether you are looking to do web projects like developing a landing page or designing for print media.


3D Character Illustrations Pack – 140+ Use-Ready Files & Editable Scenes

composition of three different 3d illustrated characters holding objects and waving

Take with you a neat collection of 3D character illustrations consisting of over 140+ concept scenes with casual activities like messaging, listening to music, online browsing, thinking, and others.

Design style

In this pack, you’ll find characters with a smooth design and friendly look that will allow users to connect with your brand.

Perfect for projects where you need to maintain a consistent design style: these characters are all compatible with each other by maintaining the same illustration style and color palette of shades of blue, yellow, and red.

What can you use it for

Given the themes of the illustrations, we recommend you use this collection for startups, banking, or finance projects when developing digital designs, landing pages, branding, app screens, and more.


3D Hands Pack – Cartoon 3D Hand Gestures with Figma, PSD & PNG Files

gallery of a 3d illustrated hand in different poses and holding 3d objects

This package features a print-ready collection of 50 3D hands performing a variety of gestures, actions, and holding objects. Includes transparent PNG files of each hand gesture, and files for Figma and Adobe Photoshop sources.

Design style

With a trendy and classy 3D cartoon style, this collection of hands features a high resolution of 3000×3000, smart layer mockups for easy content placement, organized layer structure, and a changeable color palette for total customization.

What can you use it for

This collection is perfect for websites, product presentations, print designs, and more! Use it to take your interface design and user experience projects to the next level.


Cute 3D Animal Illustrations with Source 3D Models

close-up of a 3d illustration of a cow and in the background different 3d animals in various poses

This set contains 50 stylish and cute 3D animal characters featuring fully customizable source files as well as renders of 10 animal designs, each one with 5 different use-ready poses.

Design style

This package includes Alligator, Bear, Bird, Butterfly, Camel, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Deer & Dog characters, all with the same style influenced by the Japanese kawaii trend. Get use-ready png and Figma files as well as modifiable source 3D models for Blender, with which you can change their color palettes and easily create new poses for your characters.

What can you use it for

This design is not only eye-catching for children but also appeals to adults as branded signature characters. It’s perfect to use as avatars and elements in landing pages, mobile apps, presentations, and more.


3D Icons Pack in PNG, OBJ, Figma & Blender Formats

close-up of a 3d illustrated painting plate next to other 3d objects and icons

The package delivers 75 premium 3D icons with a variety of general designs as well as detailed scenes like menus, refresh buttons, upload/download buttons, avatars, cameras, thumbs up/down, chats, and many others.

Design style

With a soft illustration style and rounded edges, this set of icons has 2 front and perspective views.

All elements can be used throughout the project as they maintain the same style and color palette of blues, yellows, and purples; however, you can easily customize the color palette and edit the designs with the Figma files, Blender source files, and OBJ formats.

What can you use it for

These icons are the perfect solution to stylize your web and mobile design projects, so you can bring more life to traditional mobile apps and landing page formats. It’s also a great element for print designs and digital compositions.


3D Social Media Icons

text next to a 3d version of the instagram logo seen from below

This pack includes 12 Figma, PNG, and SVG files of carefully crafted 3D icons related to social media. This means that you will find 3D versions of different logos such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Behance, and many more.

Design style

This collection compiles 3D logos of well-known brands in the social media industry. It adds an extra 3D element while preserving the logo’s core design, and with the source file, you can customize the logos and choose the best angle as it includes front and semi-side views.

What can you use it for

If you are looking to develop projects to advertise on these social media platforms, this is the right pack for you. It’s useful for your websites, applications, slides, landings, software, and many more projects.


80+ 3D Icons Pack – 5 Palette Styles & 3 Camera Angles

gallery of a 3d illustrated party cone and an alarm clock in different points of view
Check out this bundle of editable 3D icons with more than 80 unique designs of various elements and gadgets. You can customize or drag & drop as they are fully ready-to-use

Design style

These trendy designs come in dimensions of 3000x3000px, with high resolution for both print and digital media (300dpi). Find over 80 designs with 3 different camera angles each, as well as 5 different textures. Plus, you can easily customize the colors and even adjust the amount of reflection and gradient layer saturation attributes.

What can you use it for

Since all the designs in this collection are fully customizable, mix & match to create your own scenes and compositions for landing pages, apps, presentations, and more!


3D Characters for Blender & Figma, Rigged 3D Models & Use-Ready Illustrations

3d illustration composition of two seated characters with different 3d objects and logos

This package is the ultimate 3d character kit. It delivers a unique collection of 3D characters and models, featuring 140 use-ready illustrations of male and female characters in different poses, interacting, performing various actions, and wearing different outfits.

Design style

If versatility is what you are going for, this is the one. This collection contains 4 packages, each with a different illustration style including Medical 3D Illustrations pack, Sports 3D Illustrations, 3D Character Illustrations, 3D Casual Characters

Besides getting ready-to-use PNGs with radiant blues, oranges, reds, and pinks that bring the composition to life, you’ll also receive files for Figma so you can fully customize their colors and create awesome content in a consistent 3D design style

What can you use it for

Venture into using these 3D characters to create marketing materials such as social media graphics, websites and apps for business and e-commerce, and overall UI/UX design. This particular graphic style is inviting, giving the feeling of a more user-friendly interface or a relatable brand through the usage of visual resources that attract and keep the user’s attention.


3D Hands iPhone Mockups Pack for Sketch & Photoshop

text next to a 3d illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone mockup
This package brings you a diverse collection of 60 3D hands holding iOS devices, featuring 12 different hand positions as well as color & transparent backgrounds, so you can integrate these 3D hand mockups into your projects right away!

Design style

Every design in this pack is carefully made with a smooth and great-looking 3D cartoon style that will add personality and playfulness to your projects. It’s delivered with Adobe Photoshop as well as Sketch files, so you can change the hand or device’s colors, place content into the devices’ screens or change the backgrounds to customize to your needs.

What can you use it for

Use this collection, to easily create images for social media or marketing showing your product or preview content for mobile devices, in just a couple of clicks.


Animated Isometric 3D Icons by Iconshock

3d isometric design illustrating the launching of a rocket
Over 350 elements, animations, scenes and 3D icons to build amazing isometric designs, bring live to your creations with this new trendy 3D styled design pack.

  • 25 Animations
  • 240 Icons
  • 120 Scenes
  • Unlimited Combinations


Trendy 3D Icons set for Figma & Sketch

a text along with a set of 3d designs of a microphone, a shopping bag and an alarm clock.

This set features 90+ detailed and high-quality everyday objects, such as a microphone, calculator, ring bell, clock, shopping bag, and more. Delivered with files for Figma as well as Sketch, in high-resolution 2000x2000px.

Design style

Find in this collection multiple stylish and versatile designs with 3 different camera angles each. These icons are customizable, so you can easily match the icons to your project’s specific color palette and modify the object’s shadow.

What can you use it for

If you are looking to accurately depict everyday scenarios with different objects in a creative way with graphics that will interest your audience, this pack is for you. With these resources, you can create impactful and unique landing pages, presentations, and interactive materials.


3D Icons Pack – Figma

 3d icons pack text along with 3d illustrated metal objects and icons

This free pack includes 30 different and eye-catching 3D icons suitable for all kinds of projects. Find modern designs of various objects such as calculators, batteries, magnifying glasses, chains, and many more!

Design style

In this collection, all the resources are high-quality, with dimensions of 1500 x 1500 px, creating a futuristic and hyperrealistic style with strong shadows and marked contrasts.

What can you use it for

Use these 3D icons to bring extra personality into your websites, apps, or flat designs. These are perfect for complementing simple and minimalistic compositions while drawing attention to them. Free for personal use.


Low Poly 3D Character Models

text amidst a diverse crowd of characters in 3d modeling

A neat pack containing 160+ low poly 3d characters with different outfits, performing a variety of different actions, and displaying a variety of poses; includes a variety of adult females & adult males as well as children models.

Design style

In this collection, each model features between 1200 and 1600 polygons. Plus, you’ll have full control of your visualization project, as they are super easy to use and tweak, and you can fully customize the models’ colors.

What can you use it for

These low-poly models are light and perfect for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), architectural visualization, scaled projects, Unity3D & other graphical projects.


3D Premium Icons Pack

collection of 3d illustrated icons of various objects such as calendar, megaphone, trophy, lamp, calculator and more

Bring your next design or animation project to life with this free 3D premium icons pack featuring 40 design assets, including all kinds of objects you can imagine.

Design style

This premium design pack comes with high resolution and 2 pose options for each icon, a front view and a perspective view. The icons are designed in a casual, soft, and sort of cartoonish style, giving them a fun touch that matches the contrasting purple and yellow color palette.

What can you use it for

Make the most of these cool 3D assets to develop e-commerce projects, services, startups, and more. With these fun icons, get inspired to create apps and landing pages.


Love 3D Icon Pack

a variety of 3d illustrated icons and everyday objetcs

Take a look at this free pack of 3D icons featuring 15 color icons that are easy to use and incorporate into your projects to help you save precious time!

Design style

This pack features free-for-personal use 3D icons that come in 2 versions: full-color and clay versions. By downloading this pack, you get 30 PNG files ready to drag & drop to incorporate into your designs.

These are soft, user-friendly, and colorful illustrations perfect to engage your audience.

What can you use it for

Use this pack as the perfect design toolkit for developing banners, websites, promos, UI/UX, posters, and much more. Make your web and app design stand out, create stunning landing pages, and design slides that grab the attention of your clients.

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