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A Great Option for HTML and CSS Markup Outsourcing

Outsourcing Mark-up development services have emerged as an up and coming trend amongst web design dedicated companies and individuals.

Although it’s pretty controversial to this day due to factors such as business reputation and loss of project control, the advantages seem to be more substantial than the inconveniences of going with outsourcing web development.

There are three main factors that have probably influenced this phenomenon’s growth:

The first is without doubt time-constraint, designers that take on the task of running a web design oriented company may sometimes not have enough to concentrate on the marketing aspects of it as well as the development area and this is where an outsourced web mark-up developer would come in, to release the pressure from the head of the company and fulfill he’s task to perfection.

Second would have to be practice orientation, to sort of speak, some web designers seem to be more oriented to the design aspects of web design and not so much to the development, so to complete their task their prefer to receive an external help, that takes on the development area of the project and that is able to execute it to perfection.

And third would be that there are certain in-house web design companies that are just starting in the business, and still don’t have the infrastructure to hire someone in development as a permanent staff member, so working with an external web development source gives them the possibility to hire a professional per-project…..Quick and easy, just like that!

PSD2HTML …The Leading PSD to HTML Conversion Provider

Like we said before there are many .coms where you can outsource HTML/CSS markup. Lots of them have a reputation of quick, clean and perfectionist web developers with huge lists of happy costumers.

PSD2HTML.com stands as one of the leading markup development companies. It was founded in early 2005, and has established over 50,000 clients ever since. With over 300 full-time employees, they can ensure the highest quality and on-time delivery for each and every project.

Should you need more than PSD to XHTML/CSS conversion, they can handle JavaScript and popular CMS implementation, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. They also offer PSD to E-mail and PSD to Mobile template services.

Want to Know a Little More About How it Works?

Working with PSD2HTML is simple. They offer the following work-flow:

  • Order submission. You submit your artwork and select the package you like, along with the required options.
  • Order Review. Their managers clarify every tiny detail of your project.
  • Conversion. Experienced PSD2HTML programmers slice your design files into high-quality, cross-browser compatible W3C Valid code.
  • Testing. Their QA team thoroughly tests the markup in all popular browsers and mobile devices of your choice. Once the QA team approves the markup, it is zipped and sent to you.
  • Implementation. After HTML/CSS is approved by you, it is passed to the Implementation Department.
  • Delivery. You receive professionally coded and thoroughly tested files.

But their services don’t stop there, in addition to their traditional Pro and Hi-End markup packages, they now also offer the $99 Basic Package.

The Basic Package includes:

  • All modern browsers compatibility (Safari 5, FF 3.6+, IE 7+, Opera 11+, Google Chrome)
  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS
  • Table-less Coding
  • Fixed Layout Width

    This offer will be available through March 7, 2012, so be sure not to miss it!

    To see for yourself the quality service PSD2HTML provides, check out testimonials and their work samples. But believe us when we tell you that without a doubt PSD2HTML is one of the most reliable companies that will convert your design ideas into a high quality, cross-browser compatible, valid XHTML5 / CSS3 and XHTML/CSS markup.

  • Advantages of Using an Outsourced Markup

    Here are just some of the many, advantages that you’ll get from working with an outsourced markup:

    1. The major advantage that a company gains is the saving and restructuring of costs. This cost of Undertaking web development in-house can be effectively cut by outsourcing the project to a professional company which excels in this particular field.

    2. It helps the organization to focus on the core business as it is relieved from the task of developing and managing the website as well.

    3. It assures a higher quality, since the outsourcing company has a more in depth expertise and knowledge of the web development aspects.

    4. An outside agency or freelancer brings his new style and a fresh mindset that you might not be able to offer.

    5. It provides a better idea of what is required, due to the fact that an outside design firms have a broader spectrum of the whole industry in relation to that which is required for the project.

    6. A faster project completion is always a certainty when an external agency can be bigger than you and your design team. It’s common sense to presume a design with 4 people working on it will be completed much faster than if just you were working on it.

    7. More experience can be offered by other designers (experience or expertise in a particular area too) such as that one feature your client has requested that you have no idea about.

    8. One of the distinct advantages of having offices located around the globe is that they are always open somewhere. Their custom project management system allows us them to successfully tag-team on projects across times zones, across continents…even across date lines… so that we may better serve urgent project requirements in a shorter period of time.

    9. Most of the companies dedicated to this business provide a satisfaction guaranteed service in the sense that they will refund your payment if you are not satisfied with the result.

    10. The time efficiency is so great that you’ll not only be guaranteed a project delivery of a maximum of 8 hours, but you may even receive you code before the promised date.

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    Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Development

    As you know there are always two sides of a coin so there’s also some disadvantages and risks in hiring an outsourced mark-up developer, yeah….yeah, so there’s only several disadvantages while there’s a bunch of advantages of this practices, but even though we tried to pick our brains out we weren’t able to come up with more…..in fact! Our faithful webdesignshock.com followers, if you can think of a disadvantage that’s not included in this listing drop a comment and let us know:

    1. You must be careful, because there are several companies which indulge in frauds at the behest of web development.

    2. Outsourcing is mostly carried out through the Internet, and although the highly technologically advanced world has removed the communication barriers, there can still be some gaps that cause communication hitches between people of different regions.

    3. You may not be building the value of your company in terms of personnel, in-house knowledge, and infrastructure.

    (References from http://www.onextrapixel.com, and http://blogs.weblinkindia.net/)


    Outsourcing PSD to HTML services can be a huge time-saver for those designers and developers, who have too much work to handle by themselves and who would rather focus on creative aspects of a website. What an outsourced markup development service does for you, is code your stylish designs into a neat, reusable and easy to tweak HTML and CSS format, in an extremely short period of time and for a certain amount of money.

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