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Multiple columns CSS framework (up to 6)

If we think about CSS frameworks the amount of these resources on the web is huge, some with better performance, others providing a prettier appearance and some are simply more flexible. Usually web developers modify default CSS frameworks to make them fit their needs, making the process way more complicated than it should be, ending in duplicated classes and a lot of trash code.

Not Just a Grid is an amazing CSS framework developed by Al Redpath that provides a flexible and quicker alternative for web designers and developers. It has been enhanced with CSS3 to support different upgrades and user experiences.


Not Just a Grid incorporates separate stylesheets covering multi-column layouts, typography, forms, tables and user experience enhancement. It also includes a range of common images that are utilized for both visual styling and user interface improvement. These images can easily be changed to suit your your different needs.


This great CSS framework can be downloaded for free, though you can always make a donation to the creator, it’s licensed under the MIT License. Installing Not Just a Grid is very easy, just unzip the file named in the root of your site and proceed by using the code displayed on the documentation between your <head> tags to include all the stylesheets.


There are many other elements that make Not Just a Grid one of the best options for web developers that want to make a more organized and efficient job, some of the features included on the current version are:

  • Support for up to 6 columns (some existing grids can’t be divided into 3 or 5 or 6 without adding additional classes).
  • Take advantage of higher resolution screens without being fluid or elastic.
  • A consistent set of common elements that could be quickly and easily tweaked for whatever site you’re working on.
  • A good typographic base from which to build on, rather than reinventing the wheel every time you start a new site.
  • Lightweight (more than 15 classes within a 1k file).

Original link: Not Just a Grid

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