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Delta: The Free jQuery UI Theme

The Delta theme has been used for a long time on the creator’s website, deciding to share it with the community. It is a free development for commercial, personal and educational purposes. It comes in light and dark styles, so you choose the one you like the most, and its features are:

1. Open source, since it is free for commercial and personal use alike under an MIT license.

2. Retina ready: the theme makes use of CSS3 gradients and some @2x images to ensure it  is retina display friendly.

3. Dark and light friendly: the vibrant colour scheme means that Delta works on both light and dark backgrounds. Change the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the demo to see it in action.

4. OS dependent modals: close ‘x’ and button placement inherits from your operating system, using an extra Modernizr test.

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