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CSS Easing animation tool

For those who have a little experience in Flash it’s probably that they remember MC Tween, an extension that permitted Flash to work with awesome easing animations that saved tons of time and programming lines. The extension was something really great and probed the power of Flash during those days.

But now the real deal is CSS and HTML, the two fantastic languages that are surprising us every day with all the great things that are capable to conceive, including animations. With the upcoming standardization of web browsers it is now possible to work with all the great CSS properties without fearing that they won’t be properly shown in some search engines. There’s a CSS equivalent to Mc Tween called Ceaser that we want to present to you in this moment.


First of all you need to choose an easing type and test it out with some of the effects and if you don’t like the easing result, then grab a handle and fix it until you’re happy with the result and you can proceed by snagging the code and you’ll be all set.


The tool offers a rich amount of preset animations where you can choose from, but if even so you cannot find something that captivates your attention, then you can always make your own custom animations by playing with the handlers.

Original link: Ceaser

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