Iconshock Social Icons, the most extensive and sexy set so far

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  • Oct 28, 2014

Hello guys, on today’s review, we like to talk about the latest release by Iconshock, we’re talking about Iconshock Social Icons, the most extensive and sexy social icons set until this date. The package includes AI vector files for bigger sizes and perfect pixel artworks on PSD format for smaller sizes.

The set includes several file sizes, from 16 to 512 pixels, making this one of the greatest social icons collections on the internet. There’s also a complete monochromatic folder for those who are looking for a minimalistic thing.


For support quality, the icons come both in PNG and ICO format, assuring a nice performance for all the costumers. All color states are on this set, including disabled, enabled and normal; the most amazing thing about this set is that’s completely free, made with the purpose of spreading love among the Shock Nation fans.


We also like to remind you of Iconshock’s premium icons, more than 800.000 icons within 250 different sets. Please leave us your comments and suggestions regarding this release, we will really appreciate it.

You can check this entire collection at:

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